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Fergus & The Brazen Car
28-04-2005, 16:21:53
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Just in case anyone hasn't heard of or seen, Redstone Press products, I'd like to give them the oxygen of publicity.

I love paradoxes, and visual puzzles, and also obscure bits of literature, or intriguing items of popular art, and Redstone gives you all that and more, from naive artists like Alfred Wallis, to famous Russian poets and artists, such as Mandelstam and Malevich, and Mexican artists like J.G. Posada.

You can usually find their works in good bookshops, or shops attached to art galleries or museums. They release a specific kind of diary nearly every year, based on sex, or travel, or art made by writers, and also large print books.

" Available 1st October 2004

Edited by Mel Gooding, preface by Jonathan Miller

Open the PSYCHOBOX and discover YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU SEEM. An inkblot, a half-completed picture, a word. What do you make of them? What associations do they have for you? The PSYCHOBOX is packed with everything you need to delve into the psyche. Open it and discover secrets, surprises and amazements.

PSYCHOBOX brings together a kaleidoscopic collection of psychological tests, together with instructions on their use. Every item invites your participation.

The box contains:

48 full colour cards with notes and commentaries by the editor. the cards include the colour test, the inkblot and other association tests, the drawing completion test, art images for interpretation, brilliantly diverse illusions and much more.

A 12 page pamphlet with the editor's introduction and preface by Jonathan Miller.

A brilliant and original work of art in 'reverse perspective" by Patrick Hughes.

This is the first box collection from Redstone Press for 5yrs. It will be launched with a special exhibition at THE FREUD MUSEUM, London, tel: 0207 352 1594 for more information.

ISBN 1 870003 83 7


buy online at centralbooks.co.uk "