View Full Version : Reporter kitty looking for a new story.

28-04-2005, 10:53:50
Forum reporter looking for next big topic.

Past work includes,

Ajli is a nice boy but mildly retarded story.

The Darkstar is demented and delusional story.

The Queeg has a HUGE cock story.

The germans are sexy story.

The Asher is a pillow queen story.

The Mike has a girlfriend story.

The Oh my god she dresses up like a sheep story.

And most recently the Aslie is a prostitute for new shirts and the Angelhorns Anal integrety stories.

Now is your chance to be part of my GREAT TRADITION of awesome threads.

Any hot tips (besides Queeg's cock) for stories?

Post here or if you wish to be anon and reveal someones dirty little secret PM me and I promise to consider not revealing my source!

29-04-2005, 05:11:07
I don't recall the pillow queen story.

29-04-2005, 05:45:06
a recap? or decade in review?

or beat to death the ass story

Jon Miller