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No longer Trippin
01-04-2002, 19:11:18
Jedi Knight:

The game is pretty damed good, though you start the game with no force powers nor a lightsaber. This makes the first few levels the hardest while the last ones are easier except for a few encounters with this games version of super troopers. You better be REAL good with your lightsaber and force powers to beat the game. I played on the easiest and I found the "super troopers" and the end boss a real fucking pain. The game's length is I'd say longer than RtCW and way longer than MOHAA. The AI in the game is suberb. Finally a game has came out with AI that beats Half Life's. Troops will flank you, get behind cover, call for reinforcements and even pick up weapons should you remove them. There are the usual puzzles as every damned Jedi game has... I hate puzzles. Overall, I'd give this game a 9. Uses ID's Q3 engine, so the graphics and load times don't suck ass.


Nice graphics, fun gameplay, VERY arcade like. The AI isn't so great, but it does call in reinforcements through certain units... kill that unit and mop up the generic FPS AI. One MAJOR problem, load and save times are slow as shit. I thought AvP2's load and save times were bad, well, not anymore. Renegade takes easily a minute and half to unload a game after you die, then another minute and a half to load the saved game. There is a quick save feature, but no quick load feature (not that the save is quick anyhow). Fun game, but get a new computer before you buy it.

All gameplay was done on a P3 533 w128 ram and a geforce3 video card.

01-04-2002, 20:07:41
I'm running a 1.8Ghz, 512 ram and a Geforce 3 - what resolution are you (all/any of you) playing JK2? I started at 800x600 and its smooth as glass, how much higher can I go?

Its so smooth now, I get motion sickness playing, so a few jerks and bumps now and then might settle my stomach.

My wife also commented that in first person view, Kyle appears to be about 4 feet tall. Wasn't as noticeable to me since I was too busy running for my life.

No longer Trippin
01-04-2002, 21:13:40
I'm not sure how much higher you can go, as I don't have the processor you have. I'm running on 800x600 (I'm stuck with my old 15" monitor, so it makes little sense to up it even if I could), on a p3 533. I haven't really gotten a frame rate drop yet. You have a processor a good bit more powerful than mine, so I'd imagine you could go as high as you wanted. It uses the Q3 engine, so I imagine you could go to 1280x1024 and still have it Vsync.

02-04-2002, 09:28:10
Higher definately

I'm running a 1ghz athlon gf2 192Mb and its running fine at the next resolution up.

Just as well as running at 800x600 makes me feel ill, 640x428 dont neither does the higher one 1024x768?

Fantastic game although finding where your meant to go sometimes is bloody hard. Esp in that level in the mines had me stuck for about an hour. The troopers are fantastic. The chatter between them is brilliant, and the way they run off when alone and come back with their mates is great. Every so often they still all pile through a doorway to get shot one at a time but there storm troopers! thats what their there for!

Cant wait to get the saber and seperate a few limbs!

02-04-2002, 14:36:00
1024x768 looks great, and I see no visible difference with frames... I was stuck in the mines awhile last night, then remembered something I'd seen from a distance...

Now I keep getting stepped on by AT-ATs (or AT-ST?).

02-04-2002, 15:22:25
Seen from a distance? Maybe I did it a different way cos I didnt see anything from a distance!

I love the droids that are in there, esp the little floor running, scuttling ones. you know the ones that go dee, dee, didi... the bit where you get to drive one is fantastic. the noise when you step on one is amusing too.

Also the big ones that look like 2 TVs on top of one another that go doing? doing? doing? etc. with feet.

No longer Trippin
02-04-2002, 16:33:31
For the AT-ST's... ignore them, run and meet up with the released prosoners, when the AT-ST appears where they are, get in the blaster cannon and blow the shit out of it. Jump out of it quickly as the one on the ground will be shooting at you. Get back to ground level, run across the rocky terrain on the bottom, a third AT-ST should pop out, run around it and there should be a door to take you up. After disabling the shields on the ion cannons, run back to the furthest blaster cannon (close to where you came up), use that one to blow up the cannons as the AT-ST's can't hit you on that one. Finally, switch cannons and blow up the remaining two.

There was only one level in the game I had to cheat... I couldn't find a way to open most of the doors after an hour of running around, so I no clipped my way through the doors. It's a mission a good ways into the game. I'm betting I missed the obvious.

Playing it the second time around on Jedi Knight... damned it's hard. Gotta get those head shots.

If you need help on any other levels, let me know.

I played with the saber pretty much through the rest of the game after I got it, only using the disruptor to snipe enemy's at long range. Also used the fletchet gun as the "super soldiers" can't block it. Have to keep on pulling it back to me fairly often though.

I'd suggest remapping your keys, with the force powers in the number slots (since they are changed more) and the weapons in the F# spots. Also move your lightsber style key closers to your hand so you can change it easily in combat.

02-04-2002, 16:43:08
I just got my lightsaber at the temple. I must practice fighting.

02-04-2002, 21:14:37
Just beat Fyyar. Would have done it a bit quicker if i'd remembered my jedi healing powers... :D

btw the attention to detail is amazing, in the rain, the lightsaber sparks when a raindrop hits it!

No longer Trippin
02-04-2002, 22:58:51
I just finished Cloud City on Jedi Knight level... who knew choke could work so damned good, I wish I'd used it the first time around. Some observations I've found are that the minor jedi come in a couple different levels. The orange ones you can choke and push (level 2), but not pull. The blue ones are impervious to all powers but lighting and speed which slows down the game instead of speeding you up. Makes it much more effective in firefights as you can easily dodge shots from blasters at least when it reaches level 2 in power.

If your falling a long distance cause you fucked up (like the piston in cloud city, try to hit a wall and jump (you have to be at level 2) before you hit the ground, you don't take enough damage to die, if you time it right.

Those Golan Arms Fletchette Launchers are fucking annoying... always have to kill the guys with them first, as a shot at point blank range will level your shields, and a second shot will level you. They work great against the Reborn though.

Has anybody been able to reflect/block a shot from a disruptor rifle (what the Rodians use most of the time, especially in Nar Shadda), as I know I haven't.

03-04-2002, 08:36:56
I'm getting that game TODAY - it just arrived at the store

Yahaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! :bounce:

03-04-2002, 09:00:59
the disruptor shots dont seem to be blockable. But thats only from my limited encounters on nar shadda. Getting really annoyed with the saber throw being mapped to mouse 2 - in JK1 mouse 1 was a single slash, mouse 2 a double one that was great for taking out 2 guys at once. i keep trying to do that and throw the dam thing away.


03-04-2002, 10:55:34
press E :D

03-04-2002, 12:29:56


03-04-2002, 12:58:19
Damn game is hard!

03-04-2002, 14:31:23
already passed the AT-STs, pretty much the same way Trip did, got my sabre and I'm playing in Nar Shadda.

I've tried MANY times, and never blocked a disruptor shot.

03-04-2002, 15:09:59
You can't block the disruptor shot. Ever. At all. I hate that too. I'm currently clearing out Bespin. I had a great fight with a Reborn Jedi last night. We locked sabers for a couple of seconds in a half circle motion, then as we separated I swung right through his gut. Totally cinematic moment. It was awesome.

No longer Trippin
03-04-2002, 17:01:04
Nar Shadda is best played with the blaster rifle and the disruptor combined with Force Push (pull is too weak at the moment to do anything unless your riight on top the guy). Playing it with a saber makes it hard as hell since most your enemies are sniping at you from far away. The only time I used the saber was in the chamber with my first encounter with Reelo (this is on the second time through on Knight level).

When you get to bespin, use choke on the commanding troops (with the leather shoulder thing), as the can kill you in two shots if your at full health, and pull or push the rest constantly. Using speed helps greatly in this.

Those are the minor reborn Jedi Venom, wait until later on, they are really strong and have some very special abilities.

Oh, and there are green Reborn's as well, they are a bit more powerful than the blue ones and use force push, pull, and what seems to be level 2 saber throw cause of the range.

03-04-2002, 17:06:06
Has anyone else noticed that you can sometimes hit a stormtrooper about 6 times in the chest and he won't go down?

I'm wondering if my shots are hitting their weapon and no damage is being taken by the trooper (you can force pull them away, so they're separate objects, maybe?). If so, I'd like to see the weapon dropped or destroyed for my trouble. Its a bitch when they go right on shooting.

Not so much of a problem, now I have a lightsabre. I love those headshots with the scoped tenloss, but for close up work I use force speed and the lightsabre. Still working on strategies for taking down grenadiers without getting caught in the blast.

I'm also planning to write my name or initials on the wall with the lightsabre when I get some time. A screenshot of that for my desktop wallpaper would be nice.

My save/reload frequency for this game is ridiculous, but I can't stop playing.

Excellent advice on the remapping force powers, Trip. The z,x,f scrolling eluded me, so I was always punching up at the function keys instead (and missing). I don't use hand weapons as often now, so they'll be fine if I switch them to the function keys and move force powers down(they're on the mousewheel anyhow). It'll be the first thing I do before I play again.

03-04-2002, 17:21:44
Trip: Yeah, I kinda figured they were the weakest guys. I handled them no problem. A little Force Speed here, a little lightsaber to the stomach and no prooblem. Still, I was excited by slashing the little jumping bastard. I'm definately going to have to remap the keys though. I keep using the wrong power at the wrong time.

04-04-2002, 09:54:31
MDA - for the three eyes the trick I found is push, run straight at them and dodge the first grenade then as you approach force push them to the ground and straight in with an over head chop with the sabre. looks great and is really easy. Alternatively the sabre throw can replace the push/hack but I wouldnt do that if theres anyone with a blaster about. You can push multiple enemies if their close together too.

I keep getting acrobatic bits that i cant repeat. Last night I managed to run partially up a wall and do a back flip off it. I was only trying to jump to the top. any ideas whats that about?

the fight in the docking bay with lando is pure episode 4 - absolutely bloody briliant

No longer Trippin
04-04-2002, 12:50:50
MDA: Are you sure its the same trooper? :) They due tend to get a confusing after awhile.

Beta1: On the ground they are considered "prone" by the game. Just cause somethings an object doesn't mean it blows up on the first shot with some actual objects of the game. The flips into walls, you just have to hit jump again, and you'll do a flip. Some angles will (if you don't hit jump) send you sliding down the wall like "normal." Others, more obtuse ones would send you jumping again, but not a full jedi jump.

Oh, and with the jedi, (the last ones excluded), you can use push, pull, and choke before they "put their defenses up" and lights his saber up.

04-04-2002, 12:57:54
Originally posted by No longer Trippin

Beta1: On the ground they are considered "prone" by the game. Just cause somethings an object doesn't mean it blows up on the first shot with some actual objects of the game.


Anyway just remember push, hack, push, hack repeat

Anyone tried the bots in single/multiplayer yet?

04-04-2002, 13:00:59
Using Push with the 3 eyes works good because at closer ranges you also push the grenade back.

Man what a board last night. I got to fight with Luke Skywalker, destroy 2 robot thingies and take out another AT-ST. Along with about 10 Reborn Jedi. Oh and I kicked Desann's apprentices ass. That bitch. Although when she broke out the choke on me I was a little suprised. Keep that force push handy.

04-04-2002, 16:25:20
Originally posted by No longer Trippin
MDA: Are you sure its the same trooper? :) They due tend to get a confusing after awhile.

I'm sure it was the same trooper, we were both standing still. I wouldn't have stood still if I hadn't thought he was dead.

05-04-2002, 09:27:56
Just got into my first saber duel last night with the reborn. fantastic.

While the bastard wasnt that hard to kill the location was great, on the lower levels of cloud city where the final bit of empire strikes back is set.

the slow motion effect from the force speed coupled with the really well animated slashes and sparks from the sabers is fantastic. Finished him off by sending him over the edge of the platform and down into the clouds. Totally awesome. Love getting into fights with 4-5 enemies armed with just the sabre. The force pull/push and sabre throw is great.esp when you push a grenade straight back into 3 eyes face and blow the crap out of him :)