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26-04-2005, 14:09:34
I'd like to dedicate this thread to our resident traffic control expert Novacane. Sadly there are no tea making, stapling, or post-boy duties to perform in the game, but I'm sure that wont put him off...


(ok, so this is a very very dull game, but it's kind of mesmeric after a while... and it looks a bit like Ghostbusters on the Spectrum)

26-04-2005, 14:17:37
I got 154 no idea if that's good or not.

26-04-2005, 14:54:25
I love it.

Wait til the guys in the office see this.:bounce:

26-04-2005, 14:55:26

26-04-2005, 15:11:09
I've just noticed that this is Traffic Control 2. A NEW VERSION.

Well, having played both now, I must congratulate GeeHee games on some splendid additions which will give this game much greater longevity. The introduction of lorries and sports cars, which are not only different sizes but ALSO travel at different speeds, is very welcome. THE AI is also impressive as faster sports cars are slowed down when stuck behind a lorry. Perhaps Traffic Control 3 could introduce different driver personalities and an overtaking facility which can only be used when the road ahead is clear. For added realism, how about an AMBER light? Now that would really fuck with your head. From there, players could test different phasings to suit each junction and we could rename these games PROGRAMS and attempt to solve real traffic issues. Hang on.............

26-04-2005, 15:17:55

26-04-2005, 15:44:24
203 at first try....
...the darned deadlock they taught me back at the Operating System course, "conflicts in concurrent access to shared resources", 5 philosophers, preemption and the like....

26-04-2005, 16:11:31
200 odd then got bored - bit dull...

27-04-2005, 21:49:06
Hey Guys!

Thanks for finding and playing the game! I'm not sure what Novacane does as a job but he seems to know all about traffic. Maybe I should hire him as a consultant and make a Traffic Control 3!

Anyway just thought I would say hi


28-04-2005, 16:04:20

Well yes, I'd be delighted to assist with that. Why don't you pm me and we can talk traffic til the lights turn blue.

I wonder why Geehee would post on CG? :confused:

28-04-2005, 16:07:26
Happens fairly often with the free game of the month things, people check out their web logs to see who their hits are being referred by and find our threads.

28-04-2005, 20:06:09
The poor, unsuspecting bastards generally end up in therapy.