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24-04-2005, 11:17:58
Could do with some more informed advice folks.

Have installed broadband on my girlfriend's PC. We obviously want to keep the existing FreeServe connection as an option just in case a) things don't work out with the broadband (using non-BT / cheaper offer supplier so a little nervous) and b) Don't want to rush and find another free email just yet.

But Outlook Express is up to it's usual tricks. Kept on and on refusing to recognise that the PC was already connected to the Internet via the broadband connection, kept pretending to be offline. Kept coming up with a list of possible connection options one could try.

One could select the new broadband one from the list and it would try to reconnect the already connected broadband !!!!!!! and then be ok for that session.

It'd be asking again the next time, which was rather annoying. Tried loads of settings changes to try to get it to act in a more sensible manner, but to no avail.

Then I had the idea of deleting all the Network connections except the broadband one IN THE OUTLOOK EXPRESS LIST, in the hope that then it might actually cotton on. Did it help ? No of course it didn't.

Oh but the really big laugh, the one that must have Microsoft "designers" pissing themselves with laughter is yet to come.

Later when I check the PCs list of network connections, NOT, notice, the list available to OUTLOOK EXPRESS, but the full list, I find that bleeding OUTLOOK EXPRESS not only deleted the other network connections for ITS list, but has deleted them altogether from the PC !

What is this ? Yet another take the piss situation ? Arrhhhh !!!!!

Well surely it's all in the Recycle Bin ? No, the bin claims nothing's been deleted since January ?!?!?!?!?!

In fact from my girlfriend's login there seems no longer to be any way of dialling up the FreeServe connection !

First and most importantly. How do I get them back ?

Second how do I solve the Outlook Express stupidity which, I may add, must be contagious since MailWasher has now also started suffering from the same "can't recognise the PC's already on the Net " disease.

As luck would have it, there is one Network connection to FreeServe available from my login only ?!?!?! A shortcut on my desktop to a DUN file apparently. But if I copy it across to her desktop, it won't work from her login. Only from mine.

Which brings up 2 other questions.

1) How come some of these Network connections use DUN files while others don't and seem to somehow "know" what it needs ?

2) How come some of these connections only work for one person, why can't they be available to all, without the "used by all" option greyed out and unselectable ?

I really need to sort this out today if possible since I'm back at my [place for a fortnight after today, and I'd rather risk an overwrite any deleted stuff if I can help it.


PS I tried reinstalling Feeserve but that seems to involve going to the Wannado site, where they don't seem to offer a reinstall, and no longer free access anyway :-(

24-04-2005, 13:21:53
Oh and just to be even more funny, when logged in as me, the first opening of IE doesn't open IE any more. It opens a full screen FreeServe "continue/cancel" to connect to and open up a FreeServe account. Expect that the cancel is unclickable.

I hate these damn computers, they're nothing but hassle.

25-04-2005, 10:31:11
OK, no one knows. Maybe a simpler question then.

If you have an email from an ISP, say FreeServe for want of an example, and you try to access it, not from the FreeServe diallled number, but via a broadband connection, should you still be able to send emails from that account ?

Sir Penguin
25-04-2005, 10:46:17
It depends on the ISP. My university doesn't allow email to be sent through its SMTP server from outside campus, so I use the Telus server (the place where I'm staying connects via Telus). But while living on campus, I also used the Telus SMTP server when the university one was down.

As to your original question, all I can give is the flippant "that's what happens when you use Outlook Express."


25-04-2005, 10:55:34

The weird thing is she can access the account to view emails and such like. But I was told when I got back last night (and so was in no position to look at it) that when she tries to send an email niether she nor the recipients are recognised !

She's not had time to pull the broadband connection and replug the dial in one yet, to try. Maybe this evening.

Can't believe what went wrong over a simple 24 hour period, doing a simple install of broadband. * shakes head *

04-05-2005, 01:21:50
Your problem with outlook express sounds like the default was set to be your freeserver. And that is why it wanted to dial up. I've had that same problem before, both with express and regular Outlook. I seemed to have fixed it by going "offline" (just clicking the work offline option), adding in the other account (your broadband one), setting it to default, and setting the old email account as never check unless I tell ya option (don't recall the actual wording). A reboot and crossed fingers and that cleared up the trouble. But that was on a single user system. Don't know what will happen on a multi-user set up. I would hazard a guess that you will have to do the same thing on each log in, but you never know till you try.

Good luck.

04-05-2005, 10:20:44
Thanks for the advice. May try it on the weekend. Trouble is things have got worse. She's getting "the blue screen of death" on a regular basis now.

I end up feeing guilty as I suggested she go onto this broadband, and I was the one that installed it, along with an attempt to get an old scanner working also.

Now everything is going to hell. She even got a mutal friend to visit, and who is supposed to have reinstalled her account. He left when all seemed ok, but the problems continued after he'd gone.

Damned PCs. It could be the broadband installation I guess. My feeling is that it is probably the Win 2000 drivers I was advised on the Net might get the scanner working with Win XP. (Lots of scanners seem to have no support for XP :mad: ) Or it could coincidently be the hardware happening to fail now. But unlikely I guess.

The mutual friend suggested she look up "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" on the Net, which seems to suggest CPU overheatng or RAM problems, or drivers/apps trying to access non-existent memory locations. (Which is why I suspect the scanner drivers.)

Sorry, this problem seems to have exploded into something much more now - don't they always ? * sigh *

04-05-2005, 13:21:43
I just gave up on my old scanner a few months ago and got a new print/scan/copy/fax to save some space.

I lost a good scanner and a Creative WebCam when I went to XP. :(

21-06-2006, 17:30:01
Please terminate all network connections and shutdown your PC.