View Full Version : SS, go read DH's PMs

Greg W
20-04-2005, 14:43:23
Hmm, that barely makes sense to me. :clueless:

But with both of you using that login, I feel like I have to tell you to go check them.

Oh, but first, do your essay! :p

20-04-2005, 15:46:17
Ooooh. Something secret. ;) ;)

20-04-2005, 16:27:07
yeah, but they might break up because she finds out he's cheating on her!

20-04-2005, 23:42:11
Greg, seriously, you're gonna have to stop sending me pictures of your clamped nipples. It puts me off me chips love!


Greg W
21-04-2005, 00:00:59
But you said you liked the pics of me in the lingerie, so I thought the S&M was the next logical step... :cry:

21-04-2005, 00:02:32
it was the anal intruder that did me in!

Greg W
21-04-2005, 00:16:31
You and KG and your anal fixations. :brwncard:

Right, now do I have to tell you to frikken reply to the PMs as well? :bash:

The Norks
21-04-2005, 00:22:30
ahhh, I've kinda stopped possessing the badger now so I will see what I can remember

Greg W
21-04-2005, 00:23:39
What, did he change the password on you? :p

21-04-2005, 00:26:39
ha ha ha ha ha


The Norks
21-04-2005, 00:31:03
nah I got fed up of sharing!