View Full Version : a stupid way to die

16-04-2005, 18:55:55
I was reading the Sun at someone's house and saw a story about a 22 year old amateur rugby player who died from impaling himself on railings and sustaining 15 puncture wounds and massive blood loss. How? He stood on the balcony of his flat, drunk out of his gourd, trousers and pants round his ankles, shouting 'Who wants some of this?' tripped and fell.

The saddest part was that his girfriend said 'he was shouting at passers-by, but there was no one there'

Surely this has to be a Darwin nomination? :clueless:

Provost Harrison
16-04-2005, 18:58:53
Sounds about typical of a rugby player type...if only this fate would befall more of them...