View Full Version : Space Empires IV

30-03-2002, 06:44:36
Does anybody play it? It's alot of fun. In fact, it might have been too much fun when I first tried it, because there was so much to manage. I do think it's good enough to last at least until MOO3 arrives.

30-03-2002, 07:36:31
I've been meaning to get it, but just haven't done it...

31-03-2002, 02:30:31
Bugwise and featurewise, time has worked to your advantage. SE IV Gold is out now, and it's got bugfixes and some new features. Pricewise, it's still on the expensive side at $40.

One thing I really like is the Space Yard component for ships. The thought of teaming up a SY ship with a carrier gives me goose bumps. :)

21-06-2002, 06:56:35
I just captured an enemy homeworld with troops. The best reason to use troops is to avoid a 10% natural resource penalty for glassing the planet.

self biased
29-06-2002, 15:59:54
i tried the demo of it, and was overwhelmed. it's not really like civ, where you can just jump into things and get going....