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14-04-2005, 15:34:16
Things to make you go woah


14-04-2005, 15:37:15

14-04-2005, 16:06:34
Pudding also makes me go woah.

14-04-2005, 19:05:13
please explain for those of us who are on cocking dial-up.

14-04-2005, 19:07:48
or who don't have quicktime..


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
14-04-2005, 19:39:36
So why's that woah then? Neat special effects, but thin on plot details. I guess the fx aren't bad, but it's nothing hugely riveting.

I can't be bothered looking for more details on this. Summary?

15-04-2005, 09:20:10
of course it's thin on plot it's a fucking trailer

summary? your 'seen it all before' attitude is tired

15-04-2005, 13:02:32
not helpful

15-04-2005, 13:46:31
it made me feel better

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
15-04-2005, 16:28:01
Originally posted by King_Ghidra
of course it's thin on plot it's a fucking trailer

summary? your 'seen it all before' attitude is tired

Well duh. That's why I'm asking for details. You seem to think it's woah and worth posting, but you won't try to sell it. Can't imagine it's much good then.

15-04-2005, 17:12:58
oh god

so because i've seen a trailer for a film i'm now the official fucking promoter for it?! somebody just sent me a link which i cut and pasted here, i know nothing more about it than anyone else here who has watched the trailer

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
15-04-2005, 22:02:37

What I was mostly after was your opinon on why it was worthy of posting. I figured it wouldn't be just because of the fx, and that you knew more about it than that. For all I knew this was something you've been eagerly anticipating, I dunno.

I remember beign impressed by fx when I saw the trailer to ID4 years ago, and the movie turned out to be a bit of a yawn. So I was hoping you'd have more of an opinion about whether the thing was going to be any good, rather than just pretty.

17-04-2005, 17:39:58
calm down ladies :D