View Full Version : I am truly depressed at the way it's only 16:24

13-04-2005, 16:24:43
So as copycats go it's rubbish, but the sentiment is good

13-04-2005, 16:26:34
It's 11:26.

13-04-2005, 21:22:35
Maybe your watch has stopped?

Provost Harrison
13-04-2005, 21:23:36
He's on BST...backwards shithole time ;)

13-04-2005, 21:23:44
I leave when I feel like it

13-04-2005, 21:26:43
I wish work was over.

Provost Harrison
13-04-2005, 21:28:49
I wish you would leave :p

13-04-2005, 21:31:02
In a few minutes... I need to run out to Menlo Park and deliver some samples than out to Mountain View to get some paper work processed. If I wait a few more minutes I won't feel bad if I just leave for home from Mountain View instead of coming back to work (Palo Alto) only to have leave a few minutes later.... Get it?!

13-04-2005, 21:35:41

13-04-2005, 21:36:11
does that dinosaur have hair?

13-04-2005, 21:43:09

it's also the best reply to anything.


13-04-2005, 23:57:00
I'm home now... It's 3:55, I love blowing off work in the middle of the week

I got a new phone, since I broke the other one when I threw it agains the wall, and my old one doesn't have the "6" button

I found 12 packs of mu beer on sale for $4 less then anywhere else!

However, my truck was making a strange noise so I took it by my mechanic and I have a leak in the power steering line, he can't fix it, I can't drive it, until; Monday. So, wifey and I need to car pool.

She's vacuum right now.

I think the baby makes her restless.