View Full Version : I want to go home

12-04-2005, 15:08:19
I'm bored tired and tetchy.

Plus when I get home I'm getting beer, takeaway pizza and watching Champions League football then going out to watch my brothers band who are great.

Tonight :beer:
Today :cry:

Greg W
12-04-2005, 15:11:02
I never woulda guessed. :cute:

12-04-2005, 15:52:23
What would the fat ninja do?

12-04-2005, 15:53:59
You called?

12-04-2005, 16:31:08
Only an hour to go

The Shaker
12-04-2005, 17:17:19
Just fuck off home at 3 like I did.
Then buy a suit.

12-04-2005, 17:18:42
Are you going to court or getting married?

The Shaker
12-04-2005, 17:20:07
funeral then a wedding.

Possibly court in between :)

12-04-2005, 17:20:55
i prefer weddings over funerals.

12-04-2005, 17:21:24
:( , :beer:

The Shaker
12-04-2005, 17:21:48
Like a two tier affair?

With an elevater between the two

12-04-2005, 17:22:38

12-04-2005, 17:39:07
Originally posted by mr.G
i prefer weddings over funerals.

Depends on who died.

12-04-2005, 17:47:44
after having witnessed the unspoken horrors of exploitation by the church/state when someone dies and is buried I want to be buuuurned and my ashes scattered somewhere probably the aegean. but it is not permitted! because the church doesn't permit it! so the counted on one hand poeple who chose to do that have to be sent to... bulgaria to do that! anyway i'll think about that when i die

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
12-04-2005, 18:05:51
Um, I think I've found a fatal flaw in your plan...

12-04-2005, 18:11:23
Let me guess...Terrible Grammar!

12-04-2005, 19:28:26
I was wondering. In the english translation it says: from ashes to ashes, dust to dust. But AFAIK in greek it is "apo hous eis hous" which means something like from earth/ground/soil/dust to that.
so that's where the orthodox church says that from hous we were created to hous (ground/earth) we will return.
then i watched troy and i saw brand pitt was burning up his fallen camarades. but when i asked they told me that greeks burned their dead only when they were primitive (and generally burning the dead was just for uncivilized tribes like thracians and such). afterwards they buried them (like alexander etc)
anyway there seems to be some discord of opinion here. i'm in a very joyfull mood contemplating death so that question popped in my mind.

but i think burning is more liberating. because if you get burried in a city they won't leave you at peace! they will unearth you after some years because there is no room! then they'll take your bones and put them in a box! and if you have no relatives to pay for that they will put them in a large area with bones and there you will be, amongst all those strangers.... *shiver* whereas if you get burned you can say kiss my ass! no obligations

12-04-2005, 19:55:41
It's an American film. Ignore the content and just watch the pretty explosions.

12-04-2005, 19:58:10
there aren't even explosions in it!!!! unfortunately

12-04-2005, 19:58:42
100-0 :o

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
12-04-2005, 20:43:08
Originally posted by Venom
Let me guess...Terrible Grammar!

Apart from that. The bit about thinking about it once dead was, I thought, a trifle difficult.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
12-04-2005, 20:43:34
Plus it was a good opportunity for a Funko-class pun.