View Full Version : Needing help about a gaming probelm

05-04-2005, 15:37:59
Now i'm guessing most of you have played the wonderful farcry, but have any of you had this problem where the graphics fuck up and you get strange colours floating around where the grass is meant to be?
Also, I get this problem where when I die, the level loads up like normal, but when I take a step forward, I get an error message pop up telling me that the crytech engine has found something in the map that already exists.

This is pissing me off, as it totally leaves my computer hung, and I have to restart it every time I die. Then it does disk check and all that bollocks.

Is it my disk? Or could it have anything to do with hardware?

Resource Consumer
05-04-2005, 16:16:44
probably the drugs

05-04-2005, 16:25:19
No, this is not drug induced.

05-04-2005, 20:40:33
Probably the warez?

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
05-04-2005, 21:24:09
I'd have said video card problem if it was just the colors, but I'm more likely to accept MDAs explanation given the other problem.