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Here you go guys. :beer:

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sounds like a euphemism for oral sex

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More like anal sex

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Originally posted by Oerdin
There's one thing I never got about those WW1 trenches. They're twice as high as a man so how do the defenders shoot back? Even a fox hole should only be about 74% to 80% as high as a man so the defenders can clearly look out and shoot the bad guys. grenade sumps should be dug so that any granades thrown will roll into the sump hole.

Originally posted by KrazyHorse@home
They stood on firing ledges to shoot. Remember that the trenches were where these folks lived day in and day out. They were not temporary cover. They needed total coverage when walking normally. Otherwise accidents would have happened (if you stand up you get shot)...

Originally posted by KrazyHorse@home
Grenade sumps are ineffective in extended trench networks.

Also, grenades (while they existed) were not as easy to use or as common as today.

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Originally posted by KrazyHorse@home
More like anal sex

quite, and how worrying is it that MDA thought oral was a better link :hmm:

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Its the same thing!

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How ironic that this thread ended up being a thousand times more interesting than the other one.

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If by "ironic" you mean "typical of CG", then I understand.

We haven't even mentioned sheep or ToD! yet.

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There's talk of oral sex. It's already a thousand times better.

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