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30-03-2005, 04:29:26
I need some good luck and cheers from you nutjobs... for tommorrow. At 12:15 p.m. , I am having surgery on my other foot(left one). Same surgery I had four and a half years ago on the right.

I hate getting intubated. :(

After 3 or 4 weeks, I will have the same surgery again on my right foot for the second time. If the surgery doesn't work for either foot, I am fucked.

But at least I will be out of work for about 2 to 3 months and getting paid 100%.

Thanks, knobs. :-P~~

Provost Harrison
30-03-2005, 04:30:11
Good luck!

But what kind of time do you call this?

30-03-2005, 04:32:53
But what kind of time do you call this?

Miller time? I didn't know there was gonna be a test , so I forgot to study.

Actually, that comment lost me. I'm dense.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-03-2005, 04:33:21

There's always bionic feet.

30-03-2005, 04:35:14
I was thinking... ball bearings. :D

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-03-2005, 04:37:34
Kinda nasty going down stairs though.

I'd go for the BLEEX myself. Clamp it to your shins, and you're golden :)


30-03-2005, 04:39:52
Those look cool. I wonder if they come with rockets attached for flying.

30-03-2005, 04:43:16
Hmmm. How do you state best wishes in language appropriate to such an exchange of appreciation?

Get well soon, ya old fuck!

30-03-2005, 04:44:53

That good enough.

30-03-2005, 04:49:40
See? We simply have to find a common language.

30-03-2005, 04:50:28
Get well soon, ya old fuck!


30-03-2005, 05:29:39
good luck :beer:

30-03-2005, 05:44:02
Seriously ...

Good luck, old man. ;)

30-03-2005, 06:02:42
Good luck Tom, I'm sure it will go perfectly.

30-03-2005, 06:03:43
Good luck Tom. I'm sure you will be fine.

30-03-2005, 06:47:39
Break a leg... er, foot.

30-03-2005, 07:00:37
Good luck!

miester gandertak
30-03-2005, 07:08:46
Good luck

30-03-2005, 08:22:20
Good luck and cheers.

It's nice to know what's afoot, so when you hop off to the hospital, let us know how it goes.

30-03-2005, 08:26:49
I hope you are restored to your full abilities.
Hang in there and get a lot of reading done!

30-03-2005, 08:56:20
Good luck, hope it all goes well

30-03-2005, 12:27:58
Originally posted by OldWarrior_42
Miller time?

Kpm Mo;;er Time!

I hope things go well with the surgery.

Its not all bad. If you won't be able to walk for awhile, you can hang out with us more. :D

30-03-2005, 12:28:47
May your surgeon's knife be true! And I hope you have little or no pain. :beer:

And there's a bonus...more time for you to post! It'll make Mightytree soooo happy :D

Dyl Ulenspiegel
30-03-2005, 12:48:54
Best wishes, ow.

In any case, you will still suck, will you not?

30-03-2005, 14:43:30
Good luck you stinky old turd.

30-03-2005, 14:46:45
Good luck!! *crosses fingers*

30-03-2005, 14:47:38
What's that about good luck and breaking legs? Anyway, best of luck, ow.

30-03-2005, 15:07:14
Good luck... when you get old, you need it ;)

Lazarus and the Gimp
30-03-2005, 17:51:12
It's ingrowing toenails, isn't it? Or verruccas? Good luck anyway.

30-03-2005, 17:55:41
Foot gonorrhea I bet.

30-03-2005, 18:02:58
good luck

30-03-2005, 18:57:47
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
It's ingrowing toenails, isn't it? Or verruccas? Good luck anyway.

If he was here he'd probably tell you he was having it removed from your ass. :)

Its Bell's Palsy, anyway.

30-03-2005, 18:59:46
Originally posted by Venom
Foot gonorrhea I bet.

I always knew that foot fetish would get him in the end.

30-03-2005, 19:00:42
Good luck Tom. Now you have no excuse for not posting more, unless you type with your feet.
:hmm: Not that would explain al lot. :beer:

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-03-2005, 19:53:58
You also typed that with your feet, eh?

30-03-2005, 20:50:34

Thanks folks. It went well. Good drugs too. I'm home already and eating a steak and cheese stromboli.

Great to see you MT. :)

Post more? Oh boy. :D

Surgery was for the plantar fascia tendon. Called plantar fasciitis. Both feet and chronic. And yes, I still suck. :)

Seriously ...

Good luck, old man.

I know..... thanks and great to hear from you.

you can hang out with us more.

Yippee. :rolleyes: * Kidding of course*

If he was here he'd probably tell you he was having it removed from your ass.

Now that was funny.

And even Venom said good luck. The world is ending. Holy shit.

Thanks again, seriously, folks. In about 4 weeks I will have the right foot redone again. So..... I'm out for awhile. With full pay. That almost makes it worth it. :)

Scud Wallaby
30-03-2005, 21:27:33
Glad it went well Mr. W.

Funnily enough was thinking of you today when I realised that tomorrow it'll be six years since I gave up the smokes.

:shoot: :smoke:

Still owe you and Elaine a drink for your help with that one!



Lazarus and the Gimp
30-03-2005, 21:31:51
OW's feet are fascists?

30-03-2005, 21:53:01
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

30-03-2005, 22:09:14
Good luck, belatedly, but hopefully the on-time good wishes worked.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
30-03-2005, 22:23:43
Kid I knew in high school had some surgery or other done to his feet for the same condition, I think, only he didn't get to have 3 months off. He was going to school for NINE months with giant heavy casts on both his feet and half up his shins. Made it real easy to push him over (not that I ever did :) ) but you don't want a kick in the dingding from him.

So think yourself lucky, OW.

Greg W
31-03-2005, 00:03:06
Well, that's Ow for ya. Always jumping in with both feet.

Glad it went well, ya old geezer! :beer:

31-03-2005, 01:49:31
How did OW help someone quit smoking? I'm getting really close to that and I'm already despairing of my success.

Greg W
31-03-2005, 02:03:42
He kicked em in the dingding every time they felt like a smoke. You should try it, get one of your minions to do it for you.

31-03-2005, 02:09:26
I think their exuberance might very well result in permanent injury.

miester gandertak
31-03-2005, 02:11:42
quit smoking is easy,
you don't have to do anything

Greg W
31-03-2005, 02:17:21
Originally posted by BigGameHunter
I think their exuberance might very well result in permanent injury. Yeah, but you won't feel like a smoke.

31-03-2005, 04:27:30
See what happens when you only open your mouth to change feet..... :D:


31-03-2005, 05:22:59

Get Well Soon!

31-03-2005, 07:38:20
Thanks again, folks. Went well and pain killers, strong ones, really work. :)

chagarra..... :-P~~

Scud... glad to hear from you and glad you are still on the wagon. Sad thing is, after 3 years without, the stress from work and all the pain basically helped me to cave in and start again around late 2001 or early 2002. Started at about 1 or 2 a day for months... went up to about 5 or so, a day and now up to half a pack a day on average. But sometimes I go without for a few days. What is really weird is that when I don't smoke, even for a few days, I don't miss it or crave it. It is basically like I can have it more or less. Doesn't matter. Which tells me I can quit again rather easily . I should follow through with it, but I just enjoy it too much right now. Knowing I can have one if I want, and not worrying about not being able to have one.

I'll just have it when I want.

BGH... the advice to Scud was either back in the very early days of ACOL or the last days of owo ( I'm almost positve it was the early ACOL days in the weird forum.. I forget what it was called... The smoking room or something. Long time ago. Fading brain cells... memory loss... can't remeber. Old fuck that I am).

Basically, my wife and I talked to Scud in a thread about quitting and encouraged him enough to get it done. With some helpful hints on what to do when cravings arise. I think it was more "my wife" helping him, rather than me. Seeing someone who cared enough and took interest, even though they didn't even know each other was probably a very helpful start.

Keep it up Scud. My wife is going on 7 years now.

31-03-2005, 07:48:17
Smoking room was ACOL. We made a stink about opening it up for everyone... especially since it never got traffic to begin with.

Good on your wife, OW! How is she standing you puffing away? You know how us former smokers are. We tend to get irritated with your smokestacks going at it. ;)

31-03-2005, 07:52:27
Well, I am not a horrific smokestack, I never smoked in the house or in restaurants and basically never really around her where it would annoy her. I keep my breath clean and brush my teeth enough not to have smokers breath. I do what I can to make it not an annoying habit to her. And she knows the effort I put in to do that.

Plus she knows I enjoy it and I have no other vices or bad habits.

Plus, she must really love me. What a nitwit. :D

31-03-2005, 07:53:52
Must be the love. Womenz are just crazy.

31-03-2005, 08:30:52
So think yourself lucky, OW.

Lucky? Not.

The cast is about 6 inches below the knee.And three months is only because I have to wait four weeks for this cast to come off, then 2 weeks serious therapy before he goes and does the right foot.... again, a second time. Start all over from square one. Four weeks cast plus 2 weeks intensive therapy and then back to work with minor therapy a few weeks more. Twelve hour shifts on my feet again all night.

The condition for me is chronic. It will keep coming back as long as I put intensive stress on my feet as my job requires.

Problem here is... after a second surgery it becomes almost an impossibility to do it again, as you can only slit the tendom so many times and stretch it in a small enough area so that it doesn't eventually just snap-split apart, whatever.

And I would gladly take 9 months of school and sitting as oppose to 3 months off and then stress them out again with no more possibilities for future relief except just taking pain killers for the rest of my life.

I don't feel that lucky in these respects, but I feel lucky in many other respects so I guess it evens out in the end.

We'll see.

31-03-2005, 14:07:00
Get a scooter and pimp it out.