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Greg W
30-03-2005, 00:06:44
Just curious as to whether anyone (outside of Aussies) has ever heard of em. They're a late 70's/early 80's Aussie rock band. And their greatest hits CD is my favoutite album ever. I have a distinct feeling though that they never really took off O/S. In fact one of their most famous songs "You got nothing I want" was written in response to US promoters who gave them the runaround when they first went to the US to promote themselves.

Greg W
30-03-2005, 23:49:10
Jeese, they're that unknown are they? :cry:

31-03-2005, 08:00:32

31-03-2005, 13:54:51
Hey Greg I asked zpapa. He remembers them, vaguely. He said that the radio station he worked at played one of their songs back in the late 70's.

You just needed to ask an old music geek.

Greg W
31-03-2005, 14:54:53
Wow, such a shame that such a great band is so unknown. Suppose it happens a fair bit with bands only known in their own country.