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28-03-2005, 22:08:53
My grandpa, who has had lung cancer for about 2 years now, has been admitted to hospital after a heart attack. He's anaemic (excuse the spelling) to boot, and not enough oxygen is getting to his brain, possibly compounded by an ulcer.
He's been going slowly downhill for a while now, but has got much worse over the last few weeks my Mum tells me.
He's very confused, doesn't understand he's in hospital, and won't let the doctors do anything to help him.
Mum doesn't think he'll get back home. Hopefully he will, but it'll be with serious help, if he'll accept it. We doubt he will.

This is the man who looked after Glowworm and I loads while we were kids, the man who introduced me to computers, and who bought me my first electric guitar. He was always so warm and funny and wonderful and I can't stand that he won't be here much longer.

28-03-2005, 22:14:15
*hugs* I'm so sorry Tizzy

28-03-2005, 22:28:16
:( I can't think fo anything very helpful. I'm just very sorry for you. :(

28-03-2005, 22:30:34
sorry hun. :(

The Mad Monk
28-03-2005, 23:26:48

28-03-2005, 23:37:15

I'd let you kick my ding ding if I thought it would make you feel better. :(

Greg W
29-03-2005, 00:01:57
Sorry to hear that Tizzy. My Grandfather passed away two years ago now, so I know how you're feeling. :hug:

29-03-2005, 00:43:23
So sorry to hear this, Tizzy. Nothing to say that will ease the pain. :(

miester gandertak
29-03-2005, 06:24:23
Hey Tiz, i am very sorry to hear this.


29-03-2005, 07:17:43
It sucks when family members are sick. Hang in there.

29-03-2005, 07:20:21

29-03-2005, 07:51:45
Sorry to hear about his condition, Tizzy. I hope things go easy for him, and for you.

29-03-2005, 09:06:28
Thanks guys

29-03-2005, 09:31:12
Sorry to hear that, Tizzy.

29-03-2005, 13:23:06
Very sorry Tizzy.

It's very hard to have the person that was always on your side be very ill.


29-03-2005, 13:33:45
Hmmm, I'm useless here.

Greg W
29-03-2005, 13:38:13
Nothing unusual there, Venom.

29-03-2005, 14:09:02
Sorry Tizzy, losing a grandparent is always a hard thing to cope with. :(

29-03-2005, 14:19:58
Originally posted by Venom
Hmmm, I'm useless here. Yes...yes you are.

Hang in their Tiz, its a horrible thing to happen to anybody.

29-03-2005, 15:04:35
So sorry, Tizzy.

30-03-2005, 08:51:11
Too close to home...sorry.

31-03-2005, 06:25:16
I'm sorry to hear of your grandfather's condition, Tizzy. It's a very hard thing to go through, seeing that happen. But nowhere as hard as it is for him. I hope that they will be able to make him comfortable and healthy enough to know his family loves him.

06-05-2005, 11:04:19
Well, he passed away peacefully on Monday night.
We're saying goodbye to him this afternoon, knowing he's happy now and exactly where he wants to be.

Lots of good memories to talk about, lots of happy moments, but it's still very sad.

Here's to you Pal :beer:

06-05-2005, 11:13:06
Tizzy, my condolences.
I'll drink one :beer:

06-05-2005, 11:30:31
:( Sounds like a very good grandpa. I'm sure you'll miss him.

06-05-2005, 12:05:08
Sorry, Tizzy. Not as sorry as Krazyhorse, but very sorry.

I lost one of mine to lung cancer years ago and I still miss him.

06-05-2005, 12:10:41
I believe him to be in "a better place". Sorry about your loss though. May any sadness move on soon.

06-05-2005, 12:13:54
I am sorry


06-05-2005, 12:35:16
Sorry Tizzy.

I am sure you gave him great joy in his life!

06-05-2005, 12:42:55
:( Sorry.

06-05-2005, 15:56:18
My condolances, Tizzy.

07-05-2005, 00:12:51
Toast to him Tizzy. Sorry for your loss. We all know how that goes, I'm sure.

Greg W
07-05-2005, 00:15:25
Sorry to hear that Tizzy. :(

If I were in the UK, I'd let you kick me in the ding ding to cheer yourself up.* Unfortunately I'm not, so I nominate Funko as my 2nd. Kick away. :beer:

*Offer expires as soon as either you or I board a plane to anywhere, and other than nominating Funko as my second, no proxies will be allowed

07-05-2005, 02:42:14
You and your family have my best wishes, Tizzy.

Cheers to a life well lived. :beer:

07-05-2005, 06:51:20
Lives well lived and lives well remembered.