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28-03-2005, 15:01:33
motherfuckers broke into my car stole my expensive cdplayer and broke my door. the central athens baptism just weeks after i got the car. thank you very much. now i'm getting an alarm and I would love to get a shotgun too but i won't.
turns out all my neighboors have been victims, the police can't cope and it's the junkies mostly. of course just 2 hours after i had been bulgrarized, happened in broad daylight right under my house, junkies asked me for change too. and i was already broke before that happened.
my only consolation is that they got a speed garage cd with them.
10 days before my neighboor had his friend's car broken into.
there is noone who hasn't got his car broken into. fucking jungle. and the thing is I didn't have the front of the cdplayer on. it was in the locker. now i dont have money to put a new one and even if i did i dont know what to do. they broke into the car even though there was no front of the cdplayer. we should organize night watches in this neighborhood and do shifts at night. everyone has been burgarized. but right under my own house that's too much and just 2 weeks after I got the car there.

28-03-2005, 15:13:13
:( Sucks.

28-03-2005, 15:20:40
yep :(
especially when you just got the car, are broke and can't fix it and have to borrow money to put the alarm :(
but this neighborhood and everywhere else in the country for that matter the crime has skyrocketed

28-03-2005, 15:25:00
What the hell is happening in Greece??

28-03-2005, 15:26:37

28-03-2005, 15:31:31
I remember growing up in this neighborhood and it is no exageration to say that there was virtually no crime. girls could walk around late at night, children play all day long and of course cars were left intact. now it is really the jungle. sucks that I hadn't realized it. the previous car i had was pretty old so noone cared for it it seems. and i made the mistake of thinking that that would be the case with the new used car i got. really sucks. and everyone was telling me put on an alarm but i just used the money i had to do a general service to the car buy tires etc.
but it is an epidemic. recently a survey said that athens is amongth the 3 capitals in europe with the highest small crime, the other was london and the other i dont remember.
and it is the junkies, the gypsie drug cartels and the criminals that came along with immigration. in 20 years the city is now destroyed by crime.
anyway i hope the alarm will deter them and if it doesnt i just hope i'm close by when it happens. and i still dont know what to do in the future about the cdplayer. the electrician told me the days where you could have the whole car radio removed via a case are long gone. but i dread to put another detachable front cdplayer. plus if my door is snatched and pulled again it will break. this time i just saved it. got it to a tinsmith? friend and he just bended it into place again.

28-03-2005, 16:13:28
btw what are you doing about the car radio? the ones that don't have private parking lot and live in areas where they steal them?

so far I have thought about try hard to find someone that will make me a case and the whole radio can be removed so i can take it with me and at the same time leave the locker open so the junkie thieves can see i have nothing inside the car. fucking amateur thieves as well, destroyed all the around parts the way they pulled out the cdplayer and they cant be fixed now. and i'm sure i saw them later that night. you can spot their fucking faces in the alleys. but noone does anything. why risk your life etc

28-03-2005, 16:35:20
:( Sorry to hear that paiktis

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
28-03-2005, 17:27:38
Someone could make a fortune producing false faces for nice stereos that make them look like crappy 8-track players.

Sorry to hear about your predicament paiktis. Friend of mine here at work had his car broken into, and he had an alarm. Of course, he left the door open and the alarm off for two hours while it was parked on the street... This is also the guy who has a remote control for his (new) car stereo - presumably so he can change the radio if he's in the back seat because someone else is driving?

28-03-2005, 17:49:54
Somebody made a bundle in New York by printing signs saying, "Don't Bother, somebody already took my stereo" to keep people from breaking their windows again, only to find out there was no radio/stereo to steal ;)

Maybe you do that in Greece and make a few bucks...

28-03-2005, 20:04:11
Originally posted by Chris
What the hell is happening in Greece??

My car was broken into in Baltimore less than a week after I bought it...

29-03-2005, 10:26:56
Thieving bastards.

When I was a younger man I bought a flash car radio/cassette for my car and bought it on my credit card. Months of paying off that high interest rate, and the week I finally paid it off, I left the car with a mechanic who was going to work on it for me in his spare time. The next time I visited I was asked if I'd left the car door open !?!?!?!!? Oh course I bleeding hadn't ! Some swine had taken the radio. Hope their fucking hands dropped off :(

miester gandartak
29-03-2005, 11:53:06
Sucks to hear it Paiktis.

29-03-2005, 11:56:27
Originally posted by protein

West Hollywood is very nice and even east hollywood is going through something of a redevelopment. There's still lots of homeless people and 13 year old girls who've run away from home are still prostituting themselves on Hollywood Blvd but the buildings at least have been nicely renovated.

miester gandertak
29-03-2005, 11:58:30
hurrah for architecture.

29-03-2005, 15:30:05
Thank you for the sympathy. My new concern is how to prevent it from happening again. Anyway tomorrow I get the car with the alarm fitted and I think I'm going to put the hood from my old car on too (havent used it in ages) and get a chain and a lock and lock the hood with it. Sad/but mainly angering situation. Maybe I wait without lights up in my balcony with a large bat and a cup of coffee until 3 at night but maybe no.
My cousin got his car stolen a year ago and how he found it was such luck. He had a "for sale ad" on the back screen of the car when they stole it and 2 months later someone called him to ask how much he sells the car. So my cousin asked him where he saw it and he went and got it.
Anyway now I'm broke and in debt. And I truely believe that if I catch one of them bastards doing this again in this neighborhood I'll jump on him and I'm not alone in saying that.

31-03-2005, 08:53:48
That really sucks, Paiktis. So, you just doing portable now? Starting a neighborhood watch?

31-03-2005, 09:21:32
I'm sorry to here it Paiktis

31-03-2005, 14:17:10
Originally posted by Darkstar
That really sucks, Paiktis. So, you just doing portable now? Starting a neighborhood watch?

Well I fitted an alarm with movement detector and vibration detector. I'm going to use an old hood to cover the car too and whenever I'm not in the neighborhood and I can't use the hood I'll leave the locker open so they see I have nothing inside... And when I hear an alarm go off at night I won't just turn to the other side. But the best one can do is get out of this neighborhood which is generally a bastion for thieves of cars. I'm also thinking about paying for private parking but it's 145 euros a month and I don't think I can manage it. It's stupid to have a car and not have money to get out.... :(