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24-03-2005, 00:30:28

thought this was funny...

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions- let it not be be seen as influential in any way that the words Bong and Jon Miller appear in this sentence :)

24-03-2005, 13:02:46
Filibuster - Like his Congressional namesake, Filibuster attempts to influence the forum simply by holding the floor. His monotonous hectoring and prodigious output of verbiage rapidly clears the field of other Warriors.


24-03-2005, 13:13:44
hehe, I apply for the tireless rebutter spot :cute:

wasn't there a test to see which one you fitted best?
and/or didn't we have a thread already where we casted CG posters into FW types?

I might have imagined it all, tho....

24-03-2005, 13:18:07

Grenade isn't actually a Warrior, per se, but it's an ordnance so widely employed that no Flame Warriors guide would be complete without mentioning it. When lobbed into a discussion forum Grenade instantly blasts civil discourse into smoking rubble. Grenade's explosive content can be adjusted to the forum's interests. Typical detonating materials can be Bill Clinton, George Bush, gun control, homosexuality, Reagan, abortion, taxes, conspiracy theory, the NEA, welfare reform, etc.


24-03-2005, 13:34:14
Time for a gun control thread to blow this place to hell.

24-03-2005, 13:35:55
Or, apparently, The Guardian. :lol:

24-03-2005, 13:49:17
Herbal remedies.

Aqueducts. Public Baths. Roads.

24-03-2005, 13:54:23
I'm sure the Guardian would be pleased to see it's effect.