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miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:11:44
lara croft vs barbie..........


23-03-2005, 22:15:57
Lara would win. She packs twin 9 mm, while barbie only packs nail polish.

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:21:57
yes but what if she uses ken's gay wristwatch?

23-03-2005, 22:26:26
Lara would unleash her dinosaurs on that mangina loving bastard. Then she'd dash over to Barbie, jump up into the air, break out her super ninja mega double guitar, bash Barbie's teeth in so far and hard that they fly out the back of Barbie's head like tiny deer slugs from a double aught shotgun. And then, Lara would rock out while doing a back flips. :ninja:

23-03-2005, 22:29:50
I'd rather she'd squeeze barbie between her mighty thighs.

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:31:00
yes but what if barbie sprays eau de cologne in lara's eyes first?

and what if when lara jumps up barbi would sit down and put her fist up and lara would land exactly with her ass on the fist and the fist will go in her colon?

you didn't think about that one heeeeh darkstarretje

23-03-2005, 22:34:31
Lara is a super fighter. She beats up the gods of war. She moves to fast for Barbie. And Lara doesn't need to see to be able to fight. She doesn't even slow down for being in pitch black, so a little thing like sand in her eyes or in her swim suit never slow her down. Lara's like... Super Xena, only not gay. ;)

And Barbie would never just lay down. She'd have to spread out a pallet, or she might scrape her knees or her ass, and that would just ruin her modelling career. Then Barbie wouldn't be able to afford any more coke!

23-03-2005, 22:35:54
Xena vs. Gabrial

23-03-2005, 22:36:46
In jello!

They did that in mud already, didn't they?

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:38:21
Jes, in red jello this time.
are they in swimsuits, warlord outfit or just naked?

23-03-2005, 22:44:22
They start out in Warlor outfits, stip away to string bikini's, and then... well, you know.

23-03-2005, 22:46:49
Accidentally pull you into their tub of jello, pull your clothes off, and proceed to laugh themselves to death?

23-03-2005, 22:47:47
I don't want them to die:(

but the rest is fine enough

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:48:16
:lol: :lol:

you did it again darkstar.
now get in the corner and take the phonebook again, the dutchone and start with the sch's.

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 07:16:21
i actually had a dream about this fight.

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 13:50:24
okay new one.
Mud wrestling

Drekkus vs Venom

24-03-2005, 13:50:45

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 13:52:48
what if Drekkus wears his orange string?

24-03-2005, 13:53:14
Where are you going to find a big enough mud pit? Yellowstone?

24-03-2005, 14:04:42
Originally posted by miester gandertak
what if Drekkus wears his orange string?


miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 14:07:35
What if venom is tooooo busy insulting other ppl and drekkus accidently wakes up and pokes hom in the eye with a chop stick?

24-03-2005, 14:23:48

24-03-2005, 14:27:23
Venom vs. Ditka?

24-03-2005, 14:38:15
That cant be, Barbie has been takin hostage by Iraqui troops


24-03-2005, 14:38:24
Venom...but mainly 'cause Ditka is old and has a heart condition.
In his day, a worthy adversary for Venom

24-03-2005, 14:40:27
Whats so incredible about Venom?

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 14:44:10
he is a product of dr. Vernon

24-03-2005, 15:01:20
He's powered by Palsy.

24-03-2005, 15:04:09
And Bells ;)

24-03-2005, 21:04:19
Originally posted by Spec
Whats so incredible about Venom?

Well, there's his breath, for one.
Then his body odor.
Then his deadly farts (one was documented as killing an entire flock of flamingoes in a Florida zoo).

There there is his propensity to hide firearms (9mm and 357 magnums mostly) and C-4 plastiq explosives in the ample folds of his flesh, so that no amount of strip searching ever finds them all. And his love of shooting his firearms and setting off high explosives whenever he is bored and cannot fart or whack off to porn...

Venom is a very tough opponent... if you can get him out of his double wide trailer.

24-03-2005, 23:02:15
Originally posted by paiktis22
I'd rather she'd squeeze barbie between her mighty thighs. '

What an excellent way to die. ;)

25-03-2005, 00:18:36

25-03-2005, 06:31:02
leave it to ming to post a pic of fags and lesbians ;)

no offense Darkstar


25-03-2005, 10:18:52
Originally posted by zmama
Venom You are really misunderestemating me.

miester gandertak
25-03-2005, 11:02:18
never underestimate a Dri Dra Drekkus

25-03-2005, 13:17:45
Originally posted by Drekkus
You are really misunderestemating me.

Venom blindfolded and dragging the corpses of all the English pigdogs he killed first