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miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 14:53:40
Just got my snailmail.
The twinsister of a "jaarclubgenoot" (drekkus is gonna give u the right word) just died.

i am gonna get sooooooooooooo drunk.


Dyl Ulenspiegel
23-03-2005, 14:59:41

23-03-2005, 15:06:42
"year club companion" ?!? :confused:

23-03-2005, 15:08:10
What's a "year club" ?

Dyl Ulenspiegel
23-03-2005, 15:10:05
Maybe a Jahrgang.

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 15:13:53
now i am drunk,

its something like you enter a freternity (whithout typos), in holland a freternity is about 1500 people, one year is about 300 ppl
a yearclub is about 20 pple ( in delft that is, not that sissy rotterdam )

23-03-2005, 15:29:50
Is it a university thing then? I don't think we have the exact equivalent here, if so I guess the closest equivalent would be the guys who lived on the same corridor as me in university accomodation.

Sad anyway. :(

23-03-2005, 15:31:38
Yeah sad,

sorry Mr g :(

23-03-2005, 15:32:07

23-03-2005, 15:33:00

23-03-2005, 15:36:17
Sometimes mortality sucks.
Best wishes for you, your friend and his family.

23-03-2005, 16:12:47
Don't know the right name for jaarclub. Group of friends within the same year of entrance of a students society/association, that exist purely for drinking a lot of beer and having mockfights.

Sorry to hear it, piet. Do I know your friend?

23-03-2005, 22:30:44
I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Mr. G.

miester gandertak
23-03-2005, 22:32:08
she is 33, two lovely kids.
very very sad indeed.

cancer so sucks.

24-03-2005, 10:53:55
My collegue has cancer, she heard tuesday. Lively girl of 35, who normally sits just a few feet away from me here at the office. Someone who I see more than any of my friends.

24-03-2005, 10:59:25
Terrible. :(

24-03-2005, 11:04:07
I feel a little guilty about being a selfish bastard. I really feel terribly sorry for her, but somehow it's still too far away from me to lose sleep over it. Apparantly it really has to get closer to home before I really freak out.

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 11:05:30
Let us booooohoooo cancer.

last year I lost 5 people who are close to me, including my father cause of cancer.
It is very painful to see people suffer from this damned disease.

so CANCER.......... booooohooooo

24-03-2005, 11:05:32
That just means you're human Drek

miester gandertak
24-03-2005, 11:10:08
Yaay drekkus, i know for sure 2 years ago before the death of Ep this shit didn't do me nothing.
Once it touched a nerve it will change your opinion.
Also I heard men get more emotional after the birth of their first child, so i get you a hankie.