View Full Version : Bands that looked hysterically crap but were actually great

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-03-2005, 10:41:22
Number 1- Husker Du.

In the early-80s hardcore scene, you had to be skinny, shorn, white-ish and possessed of furrow-browed intensity. So where does that leave Husker Du?

Fat, gay, knit-wear sporting Bob Mould. Hairy, gay, chirpy Grant Hart. And (ye Gods) Greg Norton's moustache....

Still kicked arse, however.

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-03-2005, 10:44:39
Number 2- The Teardrop Explodes

Well where do you start? Hulking great Gary Dwyer, who was clearly born to be a brickie. Slappable little midget Dave Balfe. Alan Gill's nasty little tache. Julian Cope's dress sense. And yet they had an eye for killer tunes and the most gob-smackingly charismatic front-man of the 80's.

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-03-2005, 10:52:58
Number 3- Young Marble Giants

When hospital porters make music. All the visual impact of a damp flannel. Their impact on the world of fashion was only felt 15 years later, when Alison's haircut was adopted by Anne Widdecombe.


Lazarus and the Gimp
20-03-2005, 10:57:56
Number 4- The Dead Boys.

Q- Were The Dead Boys, despite being an exhilerating punk blast, as ugly as a soggy paper sack full of lard and hammers? With faces like smacked arses and the dress sense of librarians who've really let themselves go. Were they, to be blunt, ugliest band ever?

A- Yes.


miester gandertak
20-03-2005, 11:12:20

Coheed and Cambria

20-03-2005, 11:13:07
Sonic Undermind. We may have looked like overweight balding accountants from Reading but we sounded like giant robotic satanists from hell.

20-03-2005, 11:13:48
Originally posted by miester gandertak

Coheed and Cambria
Huh? They look cool to me. I suppose they won't in ten year's time.

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-03-2005, 12:18:55
I like the way the bloke on the left obviously hates everybody else and is clearly seconds away from his solo career.

I also like the monkey faces the other three are pulling.

21-03-2005, 09:56:25
Originally posted by miester gandertak

Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria are really, really good.

Scabrous Birdseed
21-03-2005, 10:47:56
Can I post solo artists?

In that case, Etta James, Chess's queen of soul. Her ghastly eye makeup, fake eyebrows and succession of ever-horrible cancer-victim wigs was so bad that her most famous album features a painting of her rather than a photo.


21-03-2005, 16:42:37
About Husker Du. do you remember that scene on Amadeus where the king says to mozart: it was great, it just needed a few notes less and it would be perfect. Husker Du just needed a little less distortion to be that IMO.

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-03-2005, 17:07:57
So just listen to their later albums.

21-03-2005, 17:55:18
I admit I have listened to few of their songs.

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-03-2005, 18:02:03
Check out "Candy Apple Grey" and "Warehouse: Songs and Stories". The distortion is toned down on those.

Or check out Grant Hart's solo work.

21-03-2005, 21:48:00
Is Grant Hart's solo stuff as good as his work with Husker Du? I've always preferred his songs to those by Mould.

Lazarus and the Gimp
21-03-2005, 21:58:09
Yes- I preferred Hart's work too.

His first solo album (I think it's called "Intolerance"- I'm having senile moment) is the best. The stand-out tracks are "All of my senses", "The Main" (best song ever written about heroin addiction) and "She can see the angels coming".

"The Last Days of Pompeii" is odd, but has great moments. The title track was the first thing I taught myself to play on guitar.

His third album was badly produced but has some killer tracks like "Shoot your way to freedom" and "Old Empire". After that, I lost track of his work.

Mr. Bas
22-03-2005, 16:33:19
Husker Du were the first band that came to mind for me as well ;)

I don't really have a preference for either Mould or Hart, though Bob Mould has written a bit more filler. Mould's also responsible for many of my favourite tracks. Personally I prefer the earlier albums (except Land Speed Record) over Warehouse or Candy Apple Grey, they're rougher, more intense and more varied. I haven't heard any Grant Hart solo stuff... His singing was getting progressively more annoying in his Husker Du time, so I hope he hasn't continued that trend.

Fergus & The Brazen Car
25-04-2005, 15:22:34
This website has some lurvely photos of the Cabs when they were visually challenged- which to be fair, they weren't always.

Although I do have vivid recollections of Richard Kirk's monstrous wedge haircut from the early 80s.....


Steve Mallinder lives in Perth, Western Australia now.

The Associates could on occasion transgress the bounds of sartorial acceptability, but still produce mighty fine music. And not a dress consultant in site.


Greg W
26-04-2005, 00:09:55







+ later


+ the only one that could be called good looking


Fergus & The Brazen Car
26-04-2005, 12:44:43
I remember in school writing for a short lived fanzine where we offered prizes of a bottle of Bon Scotch and a real Elvis Skin waistcoat with Elvis fingernail buttons.

My goodness, did we attract some hatemail.