View Full Version : Just heading into town for the Wales Vs Ireland game

19-03-2005, 13:28:31
The atmosphere here in Cardiff the last couple of days since St Patrick's Day has been fantastic and the centre of town has been transformed into a giant street party!

We'll be seeing the game on a giant screen outside city hall - should be fun!

May the best team win, though obviously I'm hoping it will be Wales!:beer:

19-03-2005, 21:19:04
I'm guessing it'll be a noisy time in the city tonight :)

About time the Welsh strung a bit of rugby together.

19-03-2005, 21:21:56
:hmm: Counterattack forum!:rolleyes:

19-03-2005, 21:28:14
Well done Wales :beer:

I'm gutted overall about today's results, but can't deny Wales deserved the Grand Slam :beer:

19-03-2005, 21:29:00
Originally posted by jsorense
:hmm: Counterattack forum!:rolleyes:

19-03-2005, 21:30:56
Bah :p

19-03-2005, 22:07:27
:coolgrin: That's more like it.:D

20-03-2005, 20:42:56

Ow my head hurts!:D

They reckon there was about 25,000 people watching on the big screen outside city hall where I was...

The pic shows a pic of the big screen showing the museum where I would have been standing behind the middle flag.

The whole city was one huge party from well before the game till the early hours - fucking awesome!:beer:

20-03-2005, 20:44:03
Er, here's the pic - I'm not exactly in a fit state at the moment...;)

20-03-2005, 20:50:27
Have you sobered up yet? And how much beer if left in Cardiff?

20-03-2005, 21:02:35
I'm sober now - just feeling very delicate!

Apparently loads of pubs got drunk dry last night and the one I was in today (hair of the dog!) was missing about half the beers on tap!:D

You should have seen the place, people with shopping trollies full of beer walking down the street - the entirety of the park outside city hall was under about 6 inches of rubbish today!

The whole experience here from start to finish was awesome - easily better than a New Year's celebrations! It helped that the weather was maybe 20 celsius yesterday...

20-03-2005, 22:20:00
Its bound to be better than new year. That comes every 12 months. You have to wait 27 years for a Grand Slam!

20-03-2005, 22:22:57
Hopefully won't have to wait till the next one...

Who knows, maybe we'll win the next Rugby World Cup. Ahem.:cute:

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Greg W
20-03-2005, 23:33:53
There's optimism, and then there's sheer bloody minded optimism.

And then there's just gross stupidity. :p

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21-03-2005, 09:36:07
still more chance than the scots!!!

21-03-2005, 09:41:52
True, true :)
But we never expect to win, I'm always hopeful, but know in reality it's not going to happen

21-03-2005, 10:00:27
Originally posted by Spartak
Its bound to be better than new year. That comes every 12 months. You have to wait 27 years for a Grand Slam!


21-03-2005, 11:43:13