View Full Version : I'm also quite excited that Hustle is back

15-03-2005, 23:37:32
I was hoping they'd do a second series. I thought it was a really original and classy programme, but light enough to have fun with, like when they did the big musical sequence, and the Jimmy Cagney thing. Fantastic. Its great to see some imagination being used on TV again.

Did anyone else see this prog first time round?

17-03-2005, 10:27:34
Yes. Really liked it. Love stuff about conmen for some reason. The characters were great, great cast, it played very loose with the traditional tv drama format as you mentioned which made it feel fresh and original.

And it was definitely classier than a lot of shows, it didn't fall into the trap English (especially BBC) drama often does of looking shit because the sets, effects and props are all a bit shoddy.

Favourite episodes were the one where the chick has to keep the kid occupied and they spend the whole day doing old style cons for a laugh and the one where they did the tribute to The Sting (one of the best films ever) and did the horse racing scam.

17-03-2005, 20:46:20
The horse racing one was wicked..I really liked that. Its just so refreshing to see a programme having a laugh with you and at you, and at itself.

I also liked it because it really exploited ENglish scenery and lifestyle but without being cliche about it. Smooth!

And yes the Sting is fantastic...yet every time I watch it I forget the ending!! Actually that makes it really good EVERY time!

17-03-2005, 21:27:53
Yes... I know what you mean, in fact I kind of forgot it even when they did the sting ending on that one. They do even mention the film in the show for that one I think. :)