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14-03-2005, 14:03:18
I think I have the titles to add to it.
With the current deserforumation, each of the survivors has to take on some of the absents' tasks.

Well, inane is a peculiar word.
It's invariant with regard to italian-english translation.
That's to say that inane in english translates to inane in italian, and viceversa inane in italian transaltes to inane in english as well.

Contrary to english tho, italian adjectives get pluralised too.
So, [the] inane ones translates as [gli] inani.

All this would sound pretty inane in itself, if not for....

In italian "i nani" means "the dwarves" ( nano = [the] dwarf)

So, this all brings us to:

i nani inani = the inane dwarves


On top of it all (not difficult, speaking of dwarves), it's also palindrome (like, say, "[i]Madam, I'm Adam")!

Oh, what a beautiful navel do I have! :love:

14-03-2005, 14:05:15
Oooohhh can I see your navel too?

14-03-2005, 14:05:56
Hey! That rhymes!

Oooohhhh... tooooo

14-03-2005, 14:07:08
no, you can't
I see it from the inside of myself
from the outside, sight is blocked by fat

14-03-2005, 14:10:09
I'd love to tear you inside out to see your navel.

14-03-2005, 14:13:06

Wasn't Superman's alien name Kal-El?

Then.... Nav, with his Superman avatar should be...

Nav-El !!!

All this falls in place together cosidering that in origin Nav was Navarro, or El Navarro

El Nav <=> Nav-El <=> SuperMan(agement)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

14-03-2005, 14:18:56
so, this proves the site is managed by super umbilical contemplation

Dyl Ulenspiegel
14-03-2005, 16:02:01
So, "in ano" is italian for "arse dwarfs"?

14-03-2005, 16:58:47
I don't understand this thread.