View Full Version : It's time to give Mr. G a new title

11-03-2005, 23:31:36
His current title is:
Retarded Gloink

That's just so last week. Let's come up with a much better title for him. So post your suggestions here.

Here a few of my suggestions:
Dutjjjschm Jschmunior
Venom's Joystick Warmer
Dutch Poop-Roach
Die Kanone!
Dooo Di Doooo

miester gandertak
11-03-2005, 23:33:15
come on
you can do better

venom's joystick warmer
you mean i am like a woolen willy warmer?

11-03-2005, 23:38:07
Hey. I used up my one joke quota for this month.

And I was thinking of that charity work you do for shut-ins. You know, you go over to Venom's house, put down the three cases of beer by his bed, sweep out the empty cans, and wash the controller, dry it off, and hold it in your hand until it is warm. You know, so the water won't freeze in the winter to his hand and tear off the skin. We've seen the pictures of his trailer. We know it has those huge holes in it from when that tornado blew through. It's just so sad that they aren't big enough to hoist Venom out of... :cry:

You do Heaven's charity, Mr. G... taking care of them shut ins like that.

miester gandertak
11-03-2005, 23:40:56
yaaay i am a kind of mother theresa.
but brother Venom is a good boy and deserves some kindness in his life.

12-03-2005, 00:15:34
How about we just make his title 'Dutch"? You can't get more honest and discriptive then that. ;)