View Full Version : 50 cent: Bulletproof

11-03-2005, 06:02:59
Well, I don't know if you heard, but 50 Cent is doing his own style GTA. Something about running into houses where people have stolen his music off the internet, and blowing their brains out and then fucking them up the ass. That sort of thing. Or was it, going into Big Music's offices, blowing the brains out of everyone in the building, and shitting on their corpses? He hasn't decided on the final version yet...

Anyways, turns out that Rockstar offered 50 Cent the lead role in GTA3, but he turned them down. Didn't want to do things "their way", but rather "his way". Show off what it is like to his fans what an ordinary day in the life of 50 cent is like.

You think someone has started believing their own shit a wee too much?

I suppose next we will have Burt Reynolds and Tom Cruise staring in their own video games about racing NASCAR vehicles at 500 mph and tossing out grenades and banana peels on the track. ;)

11-03-2005, 23:21:05
A GTA-style rap star game would be hilarious. Maybe have the Biggie gang shoot it out with the 2Pac gang for control of the streets. Of course, one group of usual suspects would say "it mocks our hardship", and the other group of usual suspects would say "games like this turn young people into killer zombies."