View Full Version : Flirting with public servants.

09-03-2005, 13:46:57
I have discovered that in the land of notoriously impolite (as in if you had just killed their mothers) and determined not to help you public servants, it sometimes pays off to flirt a little. You have a much higher possibility of getting your job done. I have seen grown men cry exiting offices of public servants for something as simple (they thought) as getting a birth certificate. People have mental breakdowns on a daily basis there. Of course the recipient must be of bonkable quality or the flirt ray will fizzle. You also have to make sure you can pull it off because a collapsed flirt try could backfire.
Then if it's an older woman you can try to play the role of the son maybe that pays off a bit more although not always. And if it's a man you have to play the "camaraderie" card as in we're both in the same shit ship so let's help eachother out. The social contract never took root around here so necessairily you have to turn to extra institutional factors of consent. :hmm:

09-03-2005, 14:48:27
That's either a 100-nil or a PH, all by itself.