View Full Version : ehm, windows xp 64 bit question

08-03-2005, 22:53:21
So how long do I have to wait until some of the normal programs I use have a 64 bit version? Like Zonealarm, AVG, and the likes.

I upgraded my pc a while back, moved my windows xp to the new hard disk with norton ghost. But it was unstable and when Win XP pro 64 bit came along, I thought it might be a good idea to jump in and install it.

Works fine, but only now I realise hardly any other program works with it. Any idea when other vendors will start releasing programs for the 64 bit version?

Sir Penguin
08-03-2005, 23:32:55
Programs will still work fine with it, they'll just run in 32-bit mode. People will start porting their software to 64-bit when the full version of WinXP 64-bit edition comes out (April). Some will take longer than others, some might not even do it.


09-03-2005, 00:17:43
mine don't. can't use any program I previously installed.

09-03-2005, 00:26:18
It detects pirate versions you know !

Sir Penguin
09-03-2005, 01:48:27
The release candidate for 64-bit edition is a free download, you know. :cute:

I wouldn't be surprised if it requires that you reinstall all your programs if you did the upgrade. Even reinstalling WinXP over a copy of WinXP breaks software. That's one reason it's better to reformat and reinstall your OS than it is to upgrade. Even if MS made a perfect upgrade system, there's so much crappy third-party software that you'll still have problems after an upgrade.


12-03-2005, 20:55:29
Was there not already a 64-bit version of windows XP which was designed for the Ia64?