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Dyl Ulenspiegel
05-03-2005, 21:13:04

Real estate speculators are buying at a pace that far exceeds previous estimates of their influence on the housing market, according to a first-of-its kind report the National Association of Realtors released this week.

Collectively, investors and second-home buyers bought more than one of every three homes sold in last year's record market, the report said.

"I am astonished," said David Lereah, the association's chief economist. He said the data suggest a sea change in the role of real estate in the nation's economy.

No, really. :lol:

05-03-2005, 21:29:22
Crap...market crash time in real estate :(

Provost Harrison
05-03-2005, 22:54:20
It's coming isn't it? :cute: I'm just waiting to pounce :D

The Mad Monk
05-03-2005, 23:53:07
You're moving to the United States. then?

06-03-2005, 00:49:20
England's real estate market is even crazier

Provost Harrison
06-03-2005, 10:29:16
Yeah, it seems to be a bit of an international insanity at the moment...ours appears to have reached a peak in the South East...