View Full Version : Hey RC!

04-03-2005, 18:17:14
Do you still have that music gear for sale? I will be coming into some publishing money very soon. :beer:

Resource Consumer
04-03-2005, 18:20:08
Hi :)

Yes, all is still here. We'll probably move it all into the spare room soon. I will wait to hear from you (I might even bump the thread in the other forum to see if there are any more takers)

04-03-2005, 18:46:47

The Shaker
04-03-2005, 19:45:40
yeah sure i'll move into your spare room.

miester gandertak
04-03-2005, 21:32:43
that spare room is that the one with the chains on the ceiling?

04-03-2005, 21:33:30
Why? Does it snow on the ceilings in England?