View Full Version : So what is the best guidebook on the market?

26-02-2005, 14:18:10
I've just raided Cardiff Central Library of all the latest titles for Iceland and got four different guidebooks...!

Iin the past wherever I've been, I've usually had only one book and found it not to have the info you want on a particular subject - hence the need for more.

The only problem is that when you have more than one, they rapidly start to contradict each other! And you forgot where it was you read a particular passage and have to look through all of them to find it!

Someone should really come up with a 'best of guidebooks' guidebook!:)

Immortal Wombat
26-02-2005, 15:36:21
Lonely Planet

26-02-2005, 16:18:31

pictures and 3d maps

26-02-2005, 16:22:51
But lets go is great for finding cheap

26-02-2005, 16:36:33
Eye Witness is DK...:p

26-02-2005, 16:37:40
Yeah I just didn't see it at first

Need more caffeine