View Full Version : hey Shaker

miester gandertak
26-02-2005, 13:46:49
what about your pictures?

Greg W
26-02-2005, 13:47:55
Hey, stop making new threads that i need to post in in order to continue owning the front page.



The Shaker
26-02-2005, 13:57:52
Still trying to find a way to make them smaller.
Bloody resolution on my camera is way too high.

And find some photopackage where i can smallerize them all in one go.

26-02-2005, 14:01:19
You can do that in photoshop - but I forgot how cos I didn't use it for a long time, and haven't need to do it for a while...:cute:

miester gandertak
26-02-2005, 14:03:17
try making a fake email with outlook, so rightmousebutton sent email-lalala. windows will make them smaller. or do not make a fake one, email them to Funko he can put them on his site.
wow that definitely is the laziest option

Greg W
26-02-2005, 23:30:25
No, the laziest option would be to do nothing. Like he's doing now.