View Full Version : A trip through Paris Hilton's phonebook

23-02-2005, 13:05:05

Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick device was seemingly hacked in to at the weekend and its contents spreadeagled across the world wide web, along with a message from the hackers: "I'm Sorry Bitch :) GG FGT SLT BTCH! HACKED BY THE NIGGAS AT DFNCTSC". Naturally, the Secret Service has been in hot pursuit, shutting down offending websites wherever possible, though one fears that this is a task akin to keeping moles off one's garden lawn: they keep popping up again. The celebrity world has been in mild chaos ever since.

But after close examination of the contents of Hilton's Sidekick, questions remain. Namely, who is the mysterious Dr Pat? Who are Betty Davis Eyes, Egplant Dike-ass and Conor Fux? Would Christina Aguilera object to being called at nine in the morning? Is that Darius from Pop Idol? And was Eminem bluffing about changing his number? There was only one way to answer these questions, and that was to call everyone in Paris's directory and darned well ask them.

23-02-2005, 13:09:23
The whole world has called them by now. There are circulating some files claiming to be calls to celebrities, but one to eminem sounds so fake and british, I think this hype has created a whole new circus of attracting people to dubious (porn)sites.

23-02-2005, 13:13:29
Sounds like an excellent plan, then.

23-02-2005, 13:21:47
Those porn guys always have the best marketing plans. Of course, they've got an in demand product, so that helps, but they always rope them in.

23-02-2005, 13:34:48
hehehehehe, ROPE!

23-02-2005, 20:53:24
She's used her wittle puppy dog's name as her "secret answer" to recover her password. She's known that she was "hacked" for the past 4 months, according to T-Mobile's public statements. But, she refuses to change her password or her secret answer (to display her "forgotten" password).

I think this calls for a new measure of stupid.... Paris stupid! It's a bit past Drekkus Stupid (What? Did you say something?), but before Venom Stupid (too lazy to bother). I would suggest putting it slightly past Darkstar Stupid (That's only a special case! EVERYONE WITHOUT A BRAIN KNOWS...). I at least change my passwords every ONCE in a while, and never use a pet's name for a password nor "recovery" proof. ;)