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22-02-2005, 20:25:24
Just curious

22-02-2005, 20:35:52
Taco Nation gets my vote. There are some nasty things you can pick up from your average south of the border taqueria.

22-02-2005, 20:43:53
This poll is bullshit. I only got to vote once.

22-02-2005, 20:46:03
sorry I forgot to check that box, just write them in

The Mad Monk
22-02-2005, 20:57:33
The English, obviously.

A half-dozen Star Wars Movies con't be wrong.

Lazarus and the Gimp
22-02-2005, 20:58:33
Exactly! How dare they supply the only good acting in the series?!

22-02-2005, 20:59:48
Hey now! What about Lando?!

22-02-2005, 21:02:11
Lando "Colt .45 is the right call everytime" Calrissian?

22-02-2005, 21:02:48
Oh yeah.... and Red Leader

22-02-2005, 21:05:36
I pray for a Lando Calrission Colt 45 Star Wars cross over commercial.

22-02-2005, 21:13:10
There was one in the 80's. He said something like "Hi, I'm Billy D. Williams and I played Landon Calrission on the hit trilogy Star Wars” it went on and ended with that stupid "Colt .45 is the right call every time".

I mean seriously did any black people even like star wars? Much less black males of legal drinking age? In my neck of the woods it was mostly white and Asian 10 year olds with the old Mexican kid who worshiped star wars so why try to use star wars to sell malt liquor? Especially a crappy one like Colt .45 which is brewed in old oil drums, siphoned using a garden hose, and then bottled in bottles which used to contain automatic transmition fluid.

22-02-2005, 21:15:55
There was one good thing about Colt .45 though. When all of the ghetto malt liquors sold in 40 oz bottles you could buy Colt in 45 oz bottles for around $1.15. Now that is value if only you could force yourself to drink that dog urine.

The scary thing is one of my friends in 11th grade was a malt liquor coinsurer who once gave me the tip to only buy Canadian brewed Colt .45 because it was 9% ABV instead of the 7% ABV the American breweries made. He was right, same piss, in the same bottle, sold at the same store, but one had 2% more ABV.

The Bursar
22-02-2005, 21:16:16
I'm confused. Google says liquor, Google Images says gun. Google self-contradicts :(


22-02-2005, 21:19:02
I mean a full blown cross over. Not some actor referencing his character.

22-02-2005, 21:24:04
Originally posted by The Bursar
I'm confused. Google says liquor, Google Images says gun. Google self-contradicts :(


Goal protection, since you are a brit you might actually not know. Colt was a popular fire arms maker in the old west and was the first manufacturer to make the .45 cal hand gun which became the standard US Army pistol size through the 1980's. Colt .45 is a crappy ass malt liquor maker who's been living off of the Colt fire arm's company's name for around 30 years.

The Bursar
22-02-2005, 21:29:43
I'd heard of the gun. I was wondering why Lando was using it when he probably had a blaster pistol or some other suitably fictitious weapon.

22-02-2005, 21:29:46
Know we all can take the Billy D. Williams smoothness test. Every Colt .45 drinker should see how they measure up.


22-02-2005, 21:40:18
I'm 5 bottles smooth.

GodDAMN Smooove!

22-02-2005, 21:41:35
GodDAMN Smooove!

Try my magic recipe of two parts silk pillows, two parts Marvin Gaye, four parts Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill and ten parts high school girl. Tres Magnifique


22-02-2005, 22:41:29
only one vote for Japan? (from me).

Hello Kitty, bukkake- need I say more?

23-02-2005, 00:10:33
Kiss Nation, obviously.

miester gandertak
23-02-2005, 00:26:50

23-02-2005, 00:44:20
Where's the "ALL OF THEM" answer dammit?!?!

23-02-2005, 00:48:19
When I was standing in line as just a wee tiny Darth Tater Tot, the line was pretty diverse. Lots of browns, some reds (sun burned peaches), lots of peachies.

Wasn't Star Wars more of a kids and FX event? Rather then a cultural specific one?

And I always thought those Lando Colt 45 beer ads were to get the geeky whites to drink Colt. If it is good enough for LANDO, it has to be good enough for the SW fans, right?