View Full Version : Rupert

22-02-2005, 19:15:02
Seems to have forgotten we all use firefox and we can all turn off his pictures. ;)

22-02-2005, 19:18:38
Sure, go ahead but the management doesn't like it.

22-02-2005, 19:23:59
Likely he does but if he has pictures turned off or not I don't know.

The Bursar
22-02-2005, 20:27:32
I have decided that patriotism is not the last refuge of the scoundrel. Posting offensive pictures is. When all imagination, wit and persistance fails, descent to the basest level and post some fugly minge.

Oh Rupert, what brilliance. When you die the slow wheezing death by heart disease which kills most men, at least you can look back on life with a wry grin, and be satisfied that you spent it productively splashing distasteful pictures into other people's lives for no better reason that to annoy. Alas, even that failed, because nobody here really cares either way, and in a few more hours, all your posts will be pruned, and your time here forgotten.

22-02-2005, 20:30:52
Hmm, I prefer to die in an alcoholic stupor.

22-02-2005, 20:32:54
Cirrhosis of the Liver is the way to go. Either that or on a cocaine fueled sex binge

22-02-2005, 20:37:30
Bourbon tastes much better than cocaine

22-02-2005, 20:40:54
Word of advice from my dad: Liquor is quicker, but sex won't make you fat

22-02-2005, 20:41:46
Itís also cheaper and as an added benefit you just pass out in a drunken stupor before choking on your own vomit.