View Full Version : the good news is...

22-02-2005, 00:40:09
They have to go to school tomorrow so we'll have a few hours without them. :bounce:

22-02-2005, 00:41:13
Well, someone's got to keep an eye on your kids.

You might want to bring the fact that I have a bin-bag full of leaves and a pair of bolt-cutters in the back of my Transit van up at the next PTA meeting.

miester gandertak
22-02-2005, 00:41:14
i miss'm.
say what is your rep?
can you rep this site?

miester gandertak
22-02-2005, 00:42:32
hey, buddy buttplug is here to stay.
are you gonna rep your site?

22-02-2005, 00:44:59
Spud, can you please stop standing on my chicken skin handbag? I just had it dry cleaned.

22-02-2005, 00:45:40
Maybe I can get a chicken skin buttplug.

22-02-2005, 00:45:56
I hope you pulled the pin feathers out of it!!

22-02-2005, 09:24:00
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