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21-02-2005, 18:21:34
I was just stroking my willie next to the international news stands as usual looking for something to buy. I have made the mistake to get The Times and shit like that in the past and have always wept for my money. So I decided to go with something cheap and I saw National Enquirer for just 3 euros. It is very relaxing to fall asleep reading about Jen's need for therapy after brad and her split up. I was a bit suprised by the amount of ads for losing weight with very dangerous looking methods and quite pleased to see how a novelty machine to rid yourself of cellulide can be accompannied with pictures after pictures of celebrities showing their asses. That was ingenious. National Enquirer must be considered the lowlest of the low in the US? It was funny!

21-02-2005, 21:20:25
Yeah, I think the National Enquirer is as low as the Sport is here, so low it's funny.

21-02-2005, 22:13:25
So low even the New York Times looks down on it.

21-02-2005, 22:35:14
Nah isn't the Weekly World- something or other- the worst? That's the one with the alien babies and stuff.

The Mad Monk
21-02-2005, 22:42:18
Yeah, the Enquirer has tried to boost its image in the past decade or so, insofar as it no longer runs the "My Son's Boyfriend Is A Grey Fathered By Elvis!" type stories that the Star and Weekly World News still do.