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Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-02-2005, 01:42:43
LoC, who obviously felt that a household of seven with nine cats wasn't big enough, has been pining for a dog for a few months now.

Meet Pepper, the newest (and hopefully last!) member of our family. He was originally called Louie, but we decided to change his name to that of the monster in the Frankenthumb DVD. Just for kicks, you know.

He's got a really nice nature, friendly towards the cats, and even the irritating eye-poking, head thumping toddlers. He's six, and came from the shelter this afternoon. And now that we have a back fence that can keep a dog in our yard, he won't run off! Huzzah!

(apologies for the picture quality - there's only so much picture that fits into 25k. And please ignore the shabbiness of the living room carpet - it's getting ripped up on Monday)

20-02-2005, 04:20:03
Good on you! :beer:

20-02-2005, 05:24:03
PEPPER! That was my dog's name!

<---See left

self biased
20-02-2005, 07:17:49

20-02-2005, 07:42:04
Its a rat with long legs!

20-02-2005, 07:49:35
Looks like a barker.

20-02-2005, 09:33:57
Congrats Qaj!

Are you sure you want to change the carpet so soon? ;)

Provost Harrison
20-02-2005, 10:18:22
My mother has just bought a new dog this weekend, a puppy apricot toy poodle. I am just waiting to see some pictures of him :)

20-02-2005, 12:22:40
aww, he looks cute

Lazarus and the Gimp
20-02-2005, 13:10:10
Originally posted by Provost Harrison
My mother has just bought a new dog this weekend, a puppy apricot toy poodle. I am just waiting to see some pictures of him :)

That's not a dog. It's a hamster with a perm.

Lefty Scaevola
20-02-2005, 16:40:28
"New dog!"

What flavor? How cooked?

20-02-2005, 17:03:43
Looks kinda little.

20-02-2005, 17:08:34
Too small to roast?

20-02-2005, 17:36:01
If she was making you buy a dog then you should have bought a man's dog. Of course the fact that LoC already got you to get her 9 cats says she gets what she wants. ;)

20-02-2005, 17:55:05
Qaj is the cat person of the family ;)

20-02-2005, 18:05:59
You need two of this size: to strap one under each shoe.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
22-02-2005, 21:25:39
Originally posted by DaShi
Looks like a barker.

:suspicious look: What's that supposed to mean?

Venom: I thought your dog was called Pepper. Think of this as a homage, and ignore the Frankenthumb bit.

zmama: we're not replacing the carpet with more carpet, it's going to be Pergo, with rugs. Easier to clean with 15 kids/cats/dogs.

I'm actually the cat-and-little-dog person of the family. I told LoC a long time ago we'd grow old together surrounded by cats and chihuahuas. This is the start of all that :D

Actually, I'm much more cat person than dog person now. Pepper's a nice guy, and he'll take some time to fit in to our house dynamics properly, but he still smells like a corn chip.

Provost Harrison
22-02-2005, 22:07:30
Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
That's not a dog. It's a hamster with a perm.

Maybe so, but the fact that they don't molt and lose hair everywhere and are very intelligent and nonagressive makes them pretty cool in my book!

22-02-2005, 22:09:57
It makes them perfect for feeding to snakes in my book. ;)

23-02-2005, 06:48:52
Are you sure that's a dog? It looks like it might be a mexican rat. (J/t)

Congrats on the dog. Good on you for getting it from the shelter!