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18-02-2005, 19:17:30
De*ra‬ Barclays Memb*re‬,

Th*si‬ em*ia‬l was se*tn‬ by the Barc*yal‬s se*vr‬er to v*yfire‬ yo*ru‬ email addr*sse‬. You must com*telp‬e th*si‬ p*ecor‬ss by clic*nik‬g
on the li*kn‬ be*ol‬w and e*gniretn‬ in the sm*la‬l wi*wodn‬ y*ruo‬ B*yalcra‬s Membership number, passcode and memorable word.
Th*si‬ is d*eno‬ for yo*ru‬ prote*itc‬on - beca*esu‬ s*mo‬e of our m*srebme‬ no lon*reg‬ ha*ev‬ ac*sec‬s to t*ieh‬r email addresses and we
m*su‬t verify it. To ve*yfir‬ y*ruo‬ e*iam‬l a*sserdd‬ and acc*sse‬ y*uo‬r b*kna‬ a*uocc‬nt, cl*kci‬ on the l*kni‬ b*ole‬w:

http://barc޾lay޻s.޳co.޼uk/ltjgjvLpnhKH2n0HJn2IqclimfqrCnRBfWKufcE0JytO2ayLnD v6tCl7oc8wb1t7di9r1i3

miester gandertak
18-02-2005, 19:18:49

18-02-2005, 19:21:11

And I bet they still get thousands of twats sending them they're online banking details.

miester gandertak
18-02-2005, 19:23:02
i don't get it, i'm a drekkus you know

18-02-2005, 19:24:44
I don't get it either. It's completely garbled English.

Jon Miller has stooped to bank scams to fund his drink problem.

18-02-2005, 19:25:41
I got my first bank scam email today.

Dyl Ulenspiegel
18-02-2005, 19:26:02
I was immediately thinking of JM's banking and drinking problems, too...

19-02-2005, 01:06:43
I've gotten plenty of eBay scam mails.

Provost Harrison
19-02-2005, 11:44:01
No one ever sends me scam bank emails :(

19-02-2005, 15:14:49
I'll send you one :)

Provost Harrison
19-02-2005, 18:18:43
Awwww, thanks...bank details are on their way ;)

19-02-2005, 18:24:46
why so circumstantial? Simply post all your account details here.. we like short ways.

19-02-2005, 18:52:39
Originally posted by Provost Harrison
Awwww, thanks...bank details are on their way ;)

yaay! :bounce: