View Full Version : Napolean Dynamite

17-02-2005, 18:42:17
I had to watch it because it's all the rave with younger crowd, and was being called a cult classic along the lines of Donnie Darco and the likes...

I kind of liked it.

My wife hated it.

However, it seems like one of those movies that the more you quote it, or the more it plays out in your mind, the better it gets. Kind of like Strange Brew.

I won't watch it by choice again, but I won't say it totally sucked.

Do chickens have large talons?

17-02-2005, 20:52:12
yeah, I didn't think it was too great while watching it

than I thought about it and talked about it afterwards

now I think it is really funny, and want to watch it again

Jon Miller

17-02-2005, 21:42:46
but my lips hurt really bad!

Sir Penguin
17-02-2005, 22:20:42
It's a great movie.