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17-02-2005, 13:42:21

Looks pretty good!

17-02-2005, 20:33:37
Wow. Just. wow.

17-02-2005, 21:40:55
Yeah... I thought it was a real relief.

Surprised it's got so few responses!

17-02-2005, 22:32:47
Looks like a great trailer.

I suppose from being burned by wow trailers before... I hope the movie is as good

17-02-2005, 23:37:01
Ford Prefect certainly doesn't sound like someone from Guildford. I doubt that guy has even head of Guildford or seen a Ford Prefect.

17-02-2005, 23:46:55
I was brought up in Guildford.

18-02-2005, 09:27:50
Originally posted by protein
Ford Prefect certainly doesn't sound like someone from Guildford. I doubt that guy has even head of Guildford or seen a Ford Prefect.

I thought for an American doing an English accent his version was one of the better ones. Guilford accent's just generic south east he's not far off.

I dread this film coming out and being pretty good but still deluged afterwards with a huge bunch of geeky "those bastards changed a line of that vogon poem... they might as well have raped Douglas Adam's corpse" and other whiny anal geek bullshit that will make the "there shouldn't be elves at helms deep" whinefest look like compliments*.

I dunno, I'm quite optimistic about this.
I get the feeling some people (not really you protein) secretly look forward to stuff like this just so they can whinge how not like the book it is.

*yes, I did steal that idea from stefu but it as such a good point it needed to be said.

18-02-2005, 11:17:17
I'm worried because it was written for radio (sometimes literally hours before broadcast) and for specific actors. They had a reel to reel 16 track, a bunch of actors and the BBC Radiophonics Workshop and they created something amazing. The excitement of the actors and production came through in the series. Arthur Dent was written to be played by Simon Jones and anyone else playing that part will be playing a part not being the part.

The books were written after the radio series and lack the comedy although the BBC TV series starring pretty much the same cast captured the same feel. Probably something to do with the cheesy tv effects matching up to the awesome bbc radiophonics sound.

As long as they keep the narration and find someone British as good as Peter Jones to read it the comedy should still be there. I could get used to an American Ford eventually. I will whine about it though.

18-02-2005, 12:11:33
The books are really funny. :beer:

18-02-2005, 12:16:44
It's like writing a book based on the Dark Side of the Moon album.

18-02-2005, 12:31:06
That's very possible, it isn't possible to recreate it in book form but you could write something great based on it.

The humour in the books was different. I think he crossed the medium really well. There are loads of descriptive prose jokes you don't get/can't do in the radio show, some of it's laugh out loud funny and some of it is more subtle.

I think Adams great skill was to write so well for three different mediums. I can't see why the film would be different.

Mind you if you are such a hard core HHGTG fan that only the initial radio series is good enough, probably best not to watch it and just buy the cassettes of the radio show. :beer:

18-02-2005, 12:49:23
The radio show was the hitchhiker's guide. Anything after was cashing in. Like Star Wars books or Big Brother DVDs.

I'll still watch the film and I'll probably enjoy it but it will be like watching an homage rather than the real thing.

18-02-2005, 12:57:23
I disagree with your view. :) I think the books were a more detailed extention/improvement on his initial ideas from the radio show. Although he undoubtably made more money from them.

Mind you I've also enjoyed some star wars books and computer games etc.

18-02-2005, 13:18:41
I agree with Funko

except for the Star Wars crap ;)

18-02-2005, 13:53:46
I've read the actual book which is the radio scripts for each episode and then the explaination written by Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins about where the ideas came from, how they recorded it etc etc. btw did you know that Slartibartfast was nearly called Phartiphuckballs? :lol:

Then I read a couple of the novels and they just didn't come anywhere near as entertaining or interesting as the real thing. There's no comedic rhythm or layers of atmoshere in a novel. No bloody weird "zploik-zwoosh-klank" sound effects in a novel.

18-02-2005, 14:00:52
Radio shows were definitely the best.

18-02-2005, 14:53:50

I'm not alone!

18-02-2005, 14:57:43
I just said I thought the books were funny too. :bash:

The Bursar
18-02-2005, 17:21:22
Originally posted by protein

As long as they keep the narration and find someone British as good as Peter Jones to read it the comedy should still be there. I could get used to an American Ford eventually. I will whine about it though.
Stephen Fry is the voice of the book. Apparently the directors started cutting out narration because it interrupted the story, then realised it was the story so put it all back in again.

18-02-2005, 17:30:52
Stephen Fry! A stroke of genius.

Okay, I'm getting mildly excited now.

19-02-2005, 15:10:05
I didnt know the radio show was the original, I always thought it was the books! I read them when I was about 20 and I thought the first one was hilarious but the rest were feeble.

I don't think you can say that its not the same without the original cast- art is meant to be reinterpreted, look at Shakespeare. It depends on the integrity of the reinterpretation, which in this case remains to be seen.

Didn't they just produce the radio show again using different actors, but some of the original cast? I heard the first one but it lost me after a while.

19-02-2005, 16:08:56
Both the radio show and the book series are excellent for about the first 25-30% and then rapidly go downhill into utter cack. IMHO.

21-02-2005, 10:25:51
I think it could be good, what scares me is two things.

The Zaphod is annoying as shit in the trailer. "Heyyyy mannnnnnn"

The end of the trailer with the zany slap in the face run gag!

I like Marvin, I also like how they hid Zaphod's second head.

I think Martin Freeman is the perfect person for the lead though. He was born for this film.

Trilla looks like she is supposed to, so that made me happy (rather than whatever the hell they were going for int he TV series).

I don't know about Mos Def, he does kind of give me the feeling of the book where they first describe him.

21-02-2005, 10:44:47
Zaphod is supposed to be annoying as shit isn't he?

21-02-2005, 10:48:28
Oh and Stephen Fry - PERFECT!

21-02-2005, 11:01:24
There are lots of annoying as shit styles.

It just looks like they went for the whiney nasel burnout type insead of the cool and foody dude he is supposed to be.