View Full Version : Bad Minton

15-02-2005, 09:03:10
My dog Minton ate a shuttlecock
Bad Minton

I'm sorry, I'll go away now

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 09:06:44
You don't even got a dog named Minton.

bad Tizzy

15-02-2005, 09:19:30
Bad joke.

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 09:21:27
and again.... no help needed for that man

15-02-2005, 09:23:06
No help needed, he's right.
That's why I apologised.
But it's your fault miester, I couldn't get it out my head after seeing your thread so I had to inflict it on everyone else

15-02-2005, 09:29:10
I'm the schmjart one.

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 09:56:51
How is it that it is always my fault?
bad karma

i wish i was the schjmart one
I'm always the verliezer.

15-02-2005, 10:05:12
That's so true.

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 10:22:00
funny how it seems

15-02-2005, 10:52:45
It is funny. :beer:

15-02-2005, 10:54:46
It's not bad being the funny one

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 10:58:11
Britts and their humour.

miester gandertak
15-02-2005, 10:58:42
Venom is the funny one

Scabrous Birdseed
16-02-2005, 07:27:51
Is Bad Minton a german beach resort?