View Full Version : nostradamus

miester gandertak
12-02-2005, 16:57:03
did not predict this thread hehehehehehe

12-02-2005, 17:00:17
".. and a man from the land of cheese and tulips and windmills will throw dirty and disgusting things on the lawns of the stupid and imbecile ..."

miester gandertak
12-02-2005, 17:03:16
dammit, i was gonna do that tomorrow.l

Dyl Ulenspiegel
12-02-2005, 17:05:47
"... and the place of the stupid and imbecile was forever poisoned by cows in metal armour...."

12-02-2005, 17:12:10
and lewd garden gnomes

Dyl Ulenspiegel
12-02-2005, 17:16:44
And from the west virgin land of incest, the mother of germans spoke....

12-02-2005, 17:32:09
"hail, hail, the queer is dead, the dyke shall reign"