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11-02-2005, 14:30:50
I've been trying to avoid games and especially MMORPG's for a while, unfortunately I've fallen off the wagon. :cry:

Got a 14 day trial with PCZone and have been playing it a lot this week.

Bascally it's a space game in the style of Elite. Trade, mine, fight etc to make money and get better spaceships.

Brill graphics and an absolutely massive universe, plus upto 12000 online at the same time. It has quite a steep learning curve and requires quite a lot of time to get 'skilled' up. However you can learn skills while offline.

Had a lot of fun so far, I can send some trial codes out if anyone is interested in having a bash.


11-02-2005, 14:56:19
i do hear lots of good things about it, maybe give it a look-see if i ever join the broadband world again

didn't they release some new content or a major ugrade or something recently?

11-02-2005, 15:03:39
yeah its called EXODUS, updated graphics (better explosions etc), not sure what's new as I didn't play it before it came out. and it doesn't cost any more, you just keep paying the monthly fee (which is at most about a tenner).

Apparantly it's something they plan on doing every year so could give some longevity...

11-02-2005, 15:23:03
have been looking for an excuse to play eve.

send me the stuff!

(I'll do the DW review this weekend)

11-02-2005, 15:27:18
Dangerous Waters?? Get busy! I need a reliable source to make me buy it. :beer:

11-02-2005, 15:36:10
you can download the client from here


I went to the buddy programme page and it doesn't work... :bash: but I'll try and get a code as soon as I can.

funnily enough eve also has a dedicated online radio station. www.eve-radio.com

11-02-2005, 15:41:40
btw the buddy programme trials are only 7 days.

11-02-2005, 21:35:54
No. I must not be persuaded to play MMORPGs. That way lies madness.

13-02-2005, 09:54:35
I took a look at the website and browsed some of the forums. Firstly, the graphics look beautiful from the screen shots. I wonder if you can fly around the moons and planets. Unfortunately, it looks like something that I would get bored of fairly quickly. From what I saw, it looks like after you get past the boring mining, it becomes merely a place for 1-on-1 combat or a glorified chat room.

I think that making combat a bit more stategic would improve it a lot. From what I read, there is only really one strategy and basic ship build that will win you most fights. Rather there should be numerous types of strategies based on ship types, each being effective. There shouldn't be one type of ship that can beat everything, nor one ship that can defend everything. A heavy battle cruiser, could be vulnerable the electronic attacks or fast ships and so on. This would also improve the wars they claim to have happen.