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Resource Consumer
25-03-2002, 11:24:29
I am in the Undersea base/lab and this bastard is waiting for me on the way back out.

Anyone got any good ideas how I can dispose of him?

25-03-2002, 13:17:13
In my opinion, this is the best fight in the game.

My main strategy is too run. First, I run for the switch next to the wall and flip. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I always do it. Then I get a LAM ready and run down the hallway into the little room. On the way down the hallway, I place the LAM on the wall and try to lure Simons in.

Sometimes he survives the explosion, but then runs away, where he can be easily dispatched. Once, I managed to kill him, but preserve the body. I carried that damn corpse to the very end of the game, but nothing came of it.

Regeneration helps a lot in this battle to survive the endless assault from his plasma rifle.

There is a cheap method. If you shoot him with a tranq, he won't be able to give his dialog and will stay green. During this time you can do whatever you want to him, or leave the base.

Resource Consumer
25-03-2002, 14:03:17
I'm out of LAMs, so it looks like it'll have to be the cheap method.

25-03-2002, 14:36:18
You can still get him with normal weaponry. With some dexterity you can take still take him out with an assault shotgun. Just make sure you've cleaned out the place of those little alligator monsters before hand.

25-03-2002, 16:54:57
Few useful hints - definately use the setup and lure trick, doesnt have to be a LAM if you can get him into a corridor/enlosed area a GEP gun is pretty effective. If youve got a high rifle skill then the sniper rifle does a lot of damage - use it in non-zoomed mode. Any Augs like the one that gives you the target info are great - becuase it also makes you targetting reticule the minimum size as soon as you stop and eliminates alot of weave. Regeneration is very good and if youve got the energy sheild thats pretty hot too (or am I thinking of some other gane there.) But basically keep moving, especially looping around the middle pillars/vehicles, I found simons would stop at run at me so I went the other side with speed on turned and he would often be still at the other end giving me the chance to line up a headshot with the sniper rifle. If youve been upgrading your weapons alot the basic pistol is also pretty good at that sort of range.

25-03-2002, 16:55:26
Oh yeah the grenades on the assault rifle are effective too.

25-03-2002, 18:04:15
I generally take him out in a rush with the nanosword. Takes all the fun out of it though, *unless* he starts dodging right away, then you're toast.

You can elecrocute him on the rails if you turn them on, jump over, and lure him across. IIRC