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03-02-2005, 22:00:56
There are times when life seems one long hassle. I'm not sure I even know enough to ask the right questions on this one.

Oh and before anyone asks, no I've not searched the Net yet. I've experienced the failure and decided to call it a night. Probably won't have time to try again until Monday evening.

OK I have a PC that connects to the Internet using BT Broadband. Upstairs I have a couple more PCs but if I wish to connect using them I have to physically disconnect the BT supplied modem from this one and go upstairs to connect it there.

Thus the desire to get a wireless modem/router which would allow me to access the net from any of them.

Tonight I decided to just get the one downstairs, which will be cabled not wireless, up and running with the new box. Win XP, it'll be P&P and so easy won't it. Not.

The PC now has a Belkin Network PCI card in it. The modem router is also Belkin. I connect it all up and follow the instructions, and what happens ? The setup starts asking me question about things "supplied by your ISP" which I haven't the foggiest idea about. As I recall it, When I started with BT Broadband I just ran their set-up and off it all went.

I'm not even sure where the original BT docs are now, but in any case, what's PPPoE ? PPPoA ? Dynamic IP ? Static IP (IPoA) ? ... I opted for modem only for now.

And as far as I recall BT Broadband doesn't ask me for a password, they know who I am so how come the set-up wouldn't allow me to continue until I put an ISP password in ?

And what's VPI/VCI ? Or any of those mass of boxes requiring numbers ?

Eventually I got the thing to say "connected" but it must have mean some sort of connection between the PC and the modem, since IE refused to find any web pages. Even if I tried, in desperation, to click the usual BT Internet connect icon I couldn't get through to the Net.

Eventually I made the mistake of selecting 'modem reset'. That was it, couldn't find the modem after that no matter how long I waited for it to come back.

I'm now back on the Net by disconnecting the new stuff and going back to the BT supplied modem.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing ?

04-02-2005, 16:01:47
Good luck is all I can say. DSL with wireless routers is an unmitigated nightmare. The DSL company always bitches that they don't support routers, and the router companies have no idea what the settings are on each DSL network.

Your best option is to call BT and seriously beg for help. I've done it before with Bell South and they caved in and helped me (which shows they do know what's going on, they're just pissed people aren't paying for multiple lines). If you can't get them to help you, post again and I'll see if I can dig up a similar document to help you.

04-02-2005, 16:29:31
Most of this stuff would be specific to your ISP's config, and isn't much help for me to say anything.

You may need to have a login thing, like PPPoE. My DSL router requires one. When I signed up for DSL, it was on one of the papers they gave me. You can also call them and get them to reset it, if you don't know it.

04-02-2005, 16:36:02
Thanks for the response.

The extent of my progress so far today is to contact the BT website. They say they give support, but I wonder how much they give if you don't buy their BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL Home Network / Router.

I'll have to see. Looking reasonably at this, like I mentioned, I won't be able to retry anything again until Monday evening - if I'm awake enough that is.

04-02-2005, 16:39:02
Ah a cross post :)

I've piles of papers to sort out when I can. I keep sorting them and then not knowing what to do with them I pile them on top of each other again :D Then add any new lot on top as they arrive.

But I had a quick look through lunchtime. I did manage to find some BT papers, but not had a chance to look at them yet. I suspect it's just ads and bills to be honest.

That said I did spot one bit that confirmed that BT didn't use a password, but if a router needed one to work, one could use "BT". Wasn't the password I made up last night, but unsure it makes much odds.