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miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:03:00

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:07:55
worst thread ever....
and it's all mine mine mine mine

03-02-2005, 21:08:45
you're welcome to it

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:15:56
get out of my thread you little Wench.

it's mine mine mine mine mine
worst threaheaheahead ever
nannie nannie nannie

03-02-2005, 21:19:40
I have a friend getting married in October, and I think he hired that guy to do the catoring.

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:21:28
let him wear a blue moustache
that's fun

hey fuck off this thread is MINE.
and supossed to be the worst ever.

03-02-2005, 21:25:19
No, I will not move from your thread. I refuse. It's a communal thread.

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:30:44
go away

03-02-2005, 21:33:16
*pitches a tent* No.

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:35:11
*setting tent on fire* ksssst ksssst.

03-02-2005, 21:42:06
This is a local thread, for locals.

03-02-2005, 21:42:17
I've got a back up plan.

miester gandertak
03-02-2005, 21:43:31
I've got a fuck off plan.
hey you Alsie .....fuck off

03-02-2005, 21:43:33
Going to get drunk and end up in Funko's place? Hate to break this to you, but that only works for the guy posters.

03-02-2005, 21:44:34
Mr. G has a plan to fuck Alsie!

:mad: Hey! That's not nice! Unless she asked you to...