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03-02-2005, 11:44:35

The rock star Pete Doherty was today being interviewed by police after he was arrested on suspicion of theft and assault last night.
Police were called to the Rookery hotel in Clerkenwell, central London, when documentary maker Max Carlish claimed he had been attacked by the former Libertines singer.

Mr Carlish - who has filmed a documentary on Mr Doherty's new band, Babyshambles - said he needed hospital treatment for two black eyes and a broken nose. According to reports, Mr Doherty accused the 38-year-old of selling pictures showing the musician apparently smoking heroin to newspapers.

"I was in a hotel with Pete and everything was going fine until he started demanding loads of cash," Mr Carlish told the Mirror. "He wanted thousands, and I knew he was going to go out and spend it on heroin. He was desperate for a fix. I said no, and he went berserk, punching me. There was nothing I could do ... he was going mad."

guy needs help, not the self-indulgent goadings of the music press

but then anyone lucky enough to be fucking kate moss and who has screwed up as many times as he has probably just deserves to rot in jail

03-02-2005, 12:36:53
I wouls have put him in jail for the music alone.