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The Mad Monk
03-02-2005, 00:16:54
Including the guy in the car. :eek:


Small Jet Skids Into Warehouse
# 14 Hurt In New Jersey Plane Crash
# Aircraft Was Heading To Chicago

Feb 2, 2005 3:11 pm US/Pacific
TETERBORO, N.J. (CBS) A small jet skidded off a 6,000-foot runway at Teterboro Airport in northern New Jersey on Wednesday, crossing a highway during the morning rush hour and slamming into a building.

The most serious injury aboard the plane was the co-pilot's broken leg, New Jersey Acting Gov. Richard Codey told WCBS-AM. Two motorists on U.S. Route 46 suffered head trauma, but were expected to survive. Codey said he knew of no fatalities.

WCBS-AM reporter Peter Haskell reports the pilot had only minor injuries and was expected to be released later Wednesday. A flight attendant was listed in stable condition. A passenger in one of the cars struck was also injured.

Twelve people plus a crew of two were aboard the jet. Route 46 is a major rush-hour thoroughfare into New York City, about 12 miles away.

Teterboro Airport, 12 miles from Manhattan, handles corporate flights and some general aviation, and is considered one of the nation's busiest small airports. Teterboro itself has few residents. It is mostly the airport and industrial buildings.

Jets using the airport often pass right above the highway.

WCBS Radio helicopter traffic reporter Tom Kaminsky said the plane broke through a fence separating the airport from the busy highway. A portion of the fence was in the middle of the adjacent highway.

Television reports showed smoke billowing from the building, and the nose of the jet remained embedded inside the building hours after the 7:23 a.m. accident.

FAA spokesman Greg Martin described the aircraft as a twin-engine Canadair, Challenger 600, "a type of small regional business/charter jet," which can carry 12 to 15 passengers.

That model has been involved in two previous accidents, business aircraft accident analyst Robert Breiling told WCBS-AM. One was in Manchester, England, killing five people, and another last year in Colorado.

Luis Ortega's wife was one of the employees in the building when the jet hit it at 7:23 a.m. She called him from outside.

"Everybody was just running out of the building," Ortega told WCBS' Paul Murnane. She said everybody is out of the building, but the jet hit the company's shipping department.

There was no immediate word on injuries on the jet, registered to a company called 448 Alliance LLC in Dallas. It was on its way to Chicago's Midway Airport, with 12 people aboard.

Route 46 was closed in both directions, as were the airport and a nearby county technical high school.





That last photo shows the three westbound lanes of 46. There are also three eastbound lanes not visible, on the other side of the grassy area seen in the lower right corner. Route 46 is a high traffic, 55 mph highway.

03-02-2005, 00:31:57
This was an extraordinarily lucky result. One hour later, who knows.

BTW, wtf is up with those planes. That's the same one that crashed a month ago taking off from Telluride.

The Mad Monk
03-02-2005, 00:34:54
There's probably going to be an investigation now.

46 is going to be shut down now, I hate to think what it's going to do to the traffic.

I take 3 to 46 west about three times a week, so it shouldn't effect me much.

03-02-2005, 00:36:40
There are alternative routes to go west. Why are they closing 46?

Nills Lagerbaak
03-02-2005, 00:37:15
Are you guys serious? Those photos look faker than the one with the action-man hostage.

* Please don't PH'd me.....

03-02-2005, 00:37:58
No, they're not fake. Happened this morning.

Nills Lagerbaak
03-02-2005, 00:40:51
Wow, everything's in-tact, "unexploded"; that is a miracle.

But why doe the building that the plane has crashed into have no windows?

03-02-2005, 00:41:05
From the NYTimes:

At Least 19 Are Hurt as Small Jet Skids Off New Jersey Runway

Published: February 2, 2005

Shannon Stapleton for The New York Times
A corporate jet sped off the end of a runway at Teterboro Airport today and slammed into a warehouse.

A corporate jet trying to take off from Teterboro Airport hurtled off the end of a runway and across six lanes of one of New Jersey's busiest highways this morning before smashing into a clothing warehouse and erupting in flame.

At least 19 people were injured, three seriously, and officials shut U.S. Route 46 at the height of the morning commute and closed Teterboro, one of the nation's busiest small airports.

The twin-engine craft, departing in clear weather with eight passengers and a crew of three on a flight to Midway Airport in Chicago, never lifted off but instead "just went straight and started scratching the ground," Joseph Massaro, a witness, told The Associated Press. "There were sparks shooting out all over the place," said Dr. Massaro, a psychologist who lives nearby.

Armando Contreras, 22, an employee of the clothing warehouse who was working inside with about 60 other people, said he heard what sounded like an explosion on the other side of a door. "When I opened the door, the plane was inside my friend's office," Mr. Contreras said.

Kenneth J. Ringler Jr., executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said that it was too early to speculate about a cause of the crash but that there was no indication the plane was in trouble as it rolled down 6,000-foot runway No. 6 at 7:23 a.m. A team from the National Transportation Safety Board will oversee the investigation into the crash, Mr. Ringler said.

The jet was a Canadair CL- 600 Challenger, a model manufactured between 1980 and 1983 and similar to a Challenger that crashed in November in Colorado, killing the son of Dick Ebersol, the chairman of NBC Universal Sports. That crash is under investigation. A similar Challenger model also crashed in England in 2002, killing five people, an accident that was attributed in part to a failure to de-ice the plane's wings.

The CL-600 has "an outstanding safety record," said Leo Knaapen, a spokesman for Bombardier Aerospace, a division of Bombardier Inc., which bought Canadair in 1986. Its accident rate is one for every million hours of flight, Mr. Knaapen said, compared to an industry average of 4.8 accidents for every million flight hours.

Two of the people injured today apparently were riding in separate vehicles that were struck by the jet as it crossed U.S. 46. One was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with severe head injuries and was on a respirator, said Dr. Joseph Feldman, the center's chairman of emergency medicine. The other was taken to Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck. That person's condition was unknown.

Dr. Feldman said that Hackensack University Medical Center also had admitted a bystander who complained of abdominal pain, and the jet's co-pilot, who suffered fractures of both legs. The center treated 14 other people, including four firefighters and all of the jet's passengers, for superficial injuries. All 14 either were released or were expected to be released shortly.

Holy Name Hospital also treated a flight attendant for minor injuries.

Local officials have often complained about noise and air pollution at Teterboro Airport, and planes have run off its tarmac at least twice in the past three years.

Anthony R. Coscia, the port authority's chairman, said at a news conference today that operating an airport in a heavily-populated area, like the one around Teterboro, "requires a great deal of attention." Asked about installing stronger barriers to prevent planes from skidding into highways, Mr. Coscia said that "is an issue we have constantly studied at this facility and others." But he said that it was not possible at Teterboro to install such safety systems and still comply with federal regulations "about having an unobstructed pathway for planes to take off."

The Mad Monk
03-02-2005, 00:42:48
Cleanup, apparently. I'm sure they're not closing the entire highway, that would be stupid, but at Teterboro it'll be closed in both directions for the next couple days.

The plane never took off. I'm surprised it didn't take a dozen cars into the building with it.

The Mad Monk
03-02-2005, 00:45:39
Most warehouses less than thirty years old around here have few or no windows.

03-02-2005, 00:47:08
Scary, I had read it but hadn't seen the photos

03-02-2005, 09:35:40
re: not blowing up.

They spend a fortune making sure cars/planes don't blow up when they crash.

Then hollywood spends a fortune on pyrotechnics to make sure they do.