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31-01-2005, 21:08:58

"I was discretely called into the kitchen by my father. He asked me again what was going on, to which I replied with the usual prepared lines that Jane had forced me to repeat. He said that he didn't believe me and suddenly dumped a pile of occult books down on a chair and said "explain them!" I was speechless. He then further surprised me by saying "I know who is behind this its the Devil isn't' it?"

I love the before and after pics:lol:

31-01-2005, 21:21:48
'visit this link to read the above story in Dutch'

best bit!

Provost Harrison
31-01-2005, 21:29:24
"After completing a degree at Regents Theological College in Nantwich, Cheshire"

Shit, why did I waste my time at a dump like Oxford when I could have gone there!

31-01-2005, 21:37:45
They don't condone sidewalk sitting at Regents.

31-01-2005, 22:06:31
Originally posted by alsieboo
'visit this link to read the above story in Dutch'

best bit!

thats what I thought.

The whole thing made me laugh actually, particularly the slithering like a snake as the demons were cast out

31-01-2005, 23:01:05
so it's actually worth reading?

31-01-2005, 23:04:24
i was bored

31-01-2005, 23:08:47
so was ( and still am) I, but obviously not bored enough

31-01-2005, 23:18:30
and to think- i just bought a prostitutes diary, and Robbie Williams biog

31-01-2005, 23:20:38
I don't know if I like Robbie

miester gandertak
31-01-2005, 23:21:06
Robbie Rulessssssssssssssssssz

31-01-2005, 23:21:41
the reindeer, yes

miester gandertak
31-01-2005, 23:23:09
look at alsie
the girls has an avatar, wha isset?

31-01-2005, 23:23:47
someone alienating their audience

31-01-2005, 23:24:23
i dont particularly, but this biog has been recommended by all the top lit crits, and if there's one thing i do like about RW its his ability to articulate his complete fascination at the fact he ever became famous. I get the impression he's like the kid in the emperor's new clothes, going 'no, really, I'm a tosser! Honest!'. I like his candid side and his showmanship, and he's quite fascinating if not someone I'd particularly want to spend time with.

31-01-2005, 23:28:13
let me know if it's any good. I read the appleton sisters biog, all these years I always thought they were twins

31-01-2005, 23:36:30
this has a quote from the telegraph on the front saying its is 'too good to be confined to Williams fans, it is one of the great documentaries of our time'

High praise indeed.

I thought the appleslappers were sisters too!

31-01-2005, 23:42:02
it's bound to have some interesting gossip in there

31-01-2005, 23:59:10
i want to read the bit about Geri

i read her autobiog (first one :rolleyes: ) and it was like 'and then i got fat and I was sad, and then I got thin and I was sad, and then I got a bit fatter and I was sad, and then I bought a dog and i was sad, and then i got thin and I was sad'

there was no real DIRT.

I have Vicky Beckhams, but I don't really care about her childhood, I just want to read the spice/beckham bits :D

01-02-2005, 00:03:32
lol, which ones are good then?

01-02-2005, 00:32:08
Does he admit to fucking boys in it?

Did he actually write it or did a ghost writer do it?

01-02-2005, 01:40:29
the robbie one? I think its a bit like the hunter thompson Beatles biog where he has license to follow the robster around for a while, getting him to talk on various subjects and then wrote it all up.

The bits I've skimmed so far look pretty good. He doesnt make Rob sound like a saint by any means- its very 'documentary' in style. you know 'Robbie was due to do this but instead he decided to go to the X hotel where we met so and so and this happened. Later on Robbie said this and I asked this.' blah blah

but much more interesting and better written !

I'll know more once I've read it tho :)